The Failure Of Digital Downloads

Even though digital downloads seem to be getting a lot of praise lately, even the most useful tools have its major faults . . .

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rambi803816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Here's the question i have with DLC

How long into the future will this download be available?
i mean - i still play nes games

also will we have to re-purchase this game on future platforms?
cause again - i play ps1 games on my ps3

i mean - i cant re-sell these games so obvious value questions arise for me if these games approach $40

errr i guess that's 2 questions

GWAVE3816d ago

Digital Downloads have a long way to go before they move from being "the future" to "the present", especially for console and handheld gamers. It is convenient in some situations, but for most gamers (including myself) a hard copy of the game is a must.

It's interesting to see Sony leading the charge for full downloadable games on their PSN service when they have been the least vocal about how "digital downloads are teh future!!!"

rambi803816d ago


Yeah sony kept repeating this mantra about hard disk + digital downloads co-existing.
Then they pull this patapon stunt.

I think the iphone success has everyone a bit nervous about being left behind in the new digital era, but those games are in a completely different price range.

Iphone success will not necessarily translate across the board.
i am not looking forward to losing a 500 gigs of games WHEN my HDD crashes.

Polluted3816d ago

I suppose if he wasn't hung up on the archaic idea of collecting pointless cases and manuals to display on his shelves (helps you get laid I hear) he could have just started the download from home and saved himself a trip to the store.

Towers763816d ago

I pretty much agree with the 2nd poster. I can see why the writer is upset though. It's kind of a moot point if the writer were to stop and think about it. XBL has already proven digital distribution is a viable revenue stream in the console market. Sony has been cautiously testing the waters with stuff like Siren and now Patapon 2. No doubt Sony was encouraged by the success of making Burnout Paradise available as a download too. Like it or not digital distribution isn't going away anytime soon.

SpoonyRedMage3816d ago

The main issue with digital downloads for me is that you are somehow deprived of an internet connection you have no access to new games. Which I'm glad the author touches on.

Of course apart from the fact that the updates have been lacklustre the downloading works fine on the DSi(although an SD card channel like the Wii would be much appreciated). In Europe we even have a full DS game on the store(Real Football 2009).

It only takes a few minute to download and then you get right to playing.