Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - New screenshot

Naughty Dog published a new screenshot from Uncharted 2 showing a more realistic Drake.

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SeanScythe3816d ago

Man that on new image Drake looks smashed. His hair and face just shows the stress he's under in this game.

CaseyRyback_CPO3816d ago

if thats how it ships, color me shocked that they went from Uncharted 1 to that.

iHEARTboobs3816d ago

That must be the PC version.

Oh wait...

Lifendz3816d ago

if this is what we're getting out of the PS3 in only its 3rd year, I may not need a new console for a long time. Seriously, the quality of textures and the detail in his face is almost scary. Add to that the great voice acting, story, gameplay and I really see this one being a huge blockbuster for Sony.

I think I might play through Uncharted for a fifth time in preparation for this game.

fishd3816d ago

Drakes model is soooo...CGish!
I know uncharted use ingame models for cutscenes and all,but that model is just ... suspicious!
I mean look at the girls hair and compare it with nathan's!
Anyway in Naughty God I trust so better wait till E3 to see the game in action!

gambare3816d ago

The multiplayer graphics are optimized for the Online play, the one player graphics are WAY more complex in every term. check the multiplayer after the one player campaign and you will see the difference, the pic of Nate is from the single player mode, and is not optimized, that's why it looks very different from the other shots.

ShinMaster3816d ago

This looks like it's going to be on the TV ad for the game, like the first game.
That's if it is pre-rendered CGI.

TheHater3816d ago

lol same here. As soon as I saw that picture I stated replaying Uncharted again. I am currently at chapter 6.

FlameBaitGod3816d ago

The PS3 has been out for only 2 years and 5 months, still not 3 years :P

KKanjiAnkh3816d ago

He, is looking like he just had to do damage control, good PIC.

50CALheadshot3816d ago

not a sprint.

professional analysts in 06:

"teh cell cant create next gen graphics, the rsx is a decade old gpu, rambus ram<ddr3."

care to explain what happened?

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News4fanboys3816d ago

AHHH! omg my eyes.... my eyes are bleeding of realism.
this game looks so close to bieng fudging real it hurts me eyes.

i feel like im allready bonding with ND and draKe. lol.

i really dont see any game surpassing it in tearms of visual style AND mulitplayer/co-op imo...
like the sign says on the cover

"Only on Playstation"

Ellessdee3816d ago

im sure, with the playstations remaining 4+ years of life, that plenty of games will surpass it. at the very least though, uncharted 3?

SnuggleBandit3816d ago

so does this mean they are changing the art direction a little? i mean uncharted went more toward cartoony type where this looks more like real life ya know? either way it will have the best graphics of all time

SnuggleBandit3816d ago

on another note i'm glad they fixed his hair...sooo much better in that pic

Mandaspt3816d ago

More real and older too, I think.

micro_invader3816d ago

Yeah, he does look a bit older, and more worn out. But he still looks incredible.

Ps_alm3k3816d ago

If they can pull it off, man!!
Game Of the Century!!!

UnblessedSoul3816d ago

Looks likes its going to be more intense then the first game

lh_swe3816d ago

But Naughty Dog said that they were taking every complaint into consideration, and I am sure that since the first was almost perfect this will be beyond belief.