9.6 : Killzone 2 Reviewed

Killzone 2 is feast right from the start to the end. You will be having large turrets, fighting of gunships and more in the single player campaign. And if the fun ends in the Single player , almost awesome gameplay values can be found in the online modes.Killzone 2 is a technical feat, right from its well implemented cover system to its level design, everything seems to be well locked down. Its amazing how a sequel can be so good after a disapponting original. Hype was at all time high for this game and at every showing before launch it grew bigger. Its one of the rare cases where a game actually lives up to the hype. Killzone 2 is must buy and it only remains to see how Guerilla can better it with Killzone 3.

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Spike473817d ago

Man how wrong they are!

CaseyRyback_CPO3817d ago

from the usual sony hate brigade sources.

Saren Arterius3817d ago

This game has a lower metascore than any of the Microsoft exclusive shooters.


PS: and it bombed

krouse933817d ago

they better have put this one up on metacritic

stagga3817d ago

LOL! Yes I'm sure they will, Gaming Bolt are big hitters in the reviewing leagues! They're always first with the latest news too. Hopefully they're doing a GT5 Prologue review soon?

OGharryjoysticks3817d ago

But it's total crap that some people are still reviewing the game for one. And then I still can't believe it isn't getting all 10's or 5's or whatever the best score is because if you were to play the other games that got perfect scores back to back with Killzone 2 it's obvious they would not be perfect because the technology behind Killzone 2 is on another level. So I guess it all comes down to memories. Sure they are real sweet. You remember how cool you thought it was when you played "X" game that day and forever since that game is the stuff. But if you took off the personal life monitor (which doesn't really apply in this case anyway) and evaluated games not on how good your life was on a certain day, but on how good the game actually is - Killzone 2 shoots holes in your opinion.

ironmonkey3817d ago

ms games are rentals not to be bought sorry