Bioware Casting for All-New Mass Effect 2 Hotties? "In the debut trailer for Mass Effect 2, we saw what looked to be the ultimate end of the Mass Effect protagonist Commander Shepard's career: Killed in action. This was reinforced by the rather disturbing appearance of a Geth in Shepard's outfit. Of course, Bioware wouldn't go into specifics - for all we know, Shepard could have gone underground or simply faked his death. Just recently, some thing interesting surfaced on popular site Model Mayhem: Bioware's casting director recently uploaded a smattering of auditions for female character models."

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Charlie26883813d ago

Interesting that if you click on the castings you will find that its not just for new girls but for a new cast of boys and girls

There is also some very nice eyecandy of interested models for the girls casting :D

dgroundwater3813d ago

Agreed. Apparently average looking women don't exist in game worlds. Even ones as realistic as Mass Effect's :)

lord_of_balrogs3813d ago

If you read the books or the codex you learn that everyone in the ME universe can just go into a clinic and splice their dna to look the way you want. Hate being pasty white? Hit up a clinic and you'll be able to buy a permanent tan.

All Time Greatness3813d ago

A little birdy told me Princess Peach was getting tired of the same 'ol thing and was gonna give Mass Effect a try too.

Ellessdee3813d ago

hopefully this means there will be more diversity in the facial models for the Asari. got kinda old looking at the same 2 or 3 faces on hundreds of identical bodys.

then again they are aliens, so i imagine they would end up all looking alike to another species anyways. but still...

menoyou3813d ago


reviewers are nerds

Sonyslave33812d ago

if you think Mass effect is boring you need to see a game doctor.

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