Expected Xbox 360 DLC For May 11th-16th 2009

lvl2 writes:

"Welcome to the weekly round-up of DLC content expected to hit Xbox LIVE in the week ahead. We have tried our best of compile all the planned updates into one, so if we forgot any, please forgive us. Not much is being released this week, but Fable II fans should be happy at least."

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Nelson M5139d ago

Well what else do the BoTs Expect ?
Exclusive's !!
Haaa Hah

Uncle Rico5139d ago

If you don't like the Xbox...dont say happy with your PS3 and stay out of it...

Shadow Man5139d ago

Droids like him hate DLC because droids hate what they can't have, like GTAIV and Fallout3 DLC.

If you want the complete experience the Xbox360 version is the one to get.

Microsoft Xbox 3605139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

In reality nobody wants DLC but xbots. DLC is the worst thing to happen this generation. These companies are ripping you off by charging your for content that should have been free and included on day one.

terrandragon5139d ago

PS3 fans that want Fallout 3 DLC say Hi.

ssipmraw5139d ago

^^^^ Xbots wanting every PS3 exclusive says Hi!

n to the b5138d ago

@1.6 ...yeah...hardly.

@1.3 I haven't seen all DLCs for the 360 (too many!) but it's obvious that Fable 2 and Fallout 3 DLCs are true extra content created after the fact. since, you know, they feature entirely new (large!) areas.

I DL'd Broken Steel but haven't even gotten to the high-level new content yet! couldn't stop myself from starting yet another character - love this game almost more than Bioshock!

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icup25139d ago

When you have no game

i guess DLC will have to do.

andthensum5139d ago

XBox 360: Always expecting more Exclusive DLC
PS3: Always expecting more Exclusive games
Wii: Don't Expect too much

MasFlowKiller5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

Expected Xbox 360 DLC
sounds like the start of a tradition, lol
or multiplat game

ether way, weak SON,

where are the games microsoft, i dont see why i should keep my 360 when i can play most if not all game on the PS3, and the one that i cant play on my ps3 are probably on the PC at a superior quality, come on MS step UP, dont just talk the talk

cherrypie5139d ago

Exclusives thusfar in 2009:

Xbox 360: 5
PS3: 1

So, yeah.. there is a difference actually.

The General5139d ago

Real funny. But thats for DLC

Now Switch those numbers around and you'll have the tally for exclusive games.

PS3: 5 and counting
Xbox 360: 1 and still waiting

DelbertGrady5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

PS3: Killzone 2

Xbox 360: Halo Wars, Race Pro, Ninja Blade, Star Ocean IV, Stoked.

Sorry to burst your bubble but those are the exclusives that have been released this year. If you want to you could also factor in The Lost and The Damned for GTA IV and 2 episodes for Fallout 3. I think the first episode was released in late 2008.

I did not murder him5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

I'm surprised you're even replying to his comment he is basically attacking the 360 for having better and more online support and using a myth about PS3's exclusives in its defence.

Whats being said in here is sort of funny and sad. His comment almost comes across like he thinks this is something other than a weekly update of content we know is coming hence the list for next week.

Its like attacking upcoming PSN content releases and then maliciously making up Bullshit about lineups or exclusives because of the lack of support on one's favorite platform.

on topic
Getting the fable pack for sure I got the best Sword in the game and its too powerful for the current baddies.

These guys don't even make any sense at all. XBL updates "update" new content, how retail games got mentioned is beyond me.

gaffyh5138d ago

Lol @ you guys. Quality over quantity. None of the Xbox games this year are great games.

Halo Wars - Ok, but not great, too easy for me.
Race Pro - Same it's OK, but does have a lot of issues
Ninja Blade - This just sucks imo
Star Ocean IV - I'm pretty sure everyone said this isn't as good as they thought it would be. I'm still looking forward to it though in EU.
Stoked - never heard of this one personally.

Also US doesn't equal the world. PS3 exclusives this year:
Demon's Souls, Yakuza 3, Killzone 2, MLB The Show 09

Also some worth noting PSN exclusives:
Flower, Ragdoll Kung Fu, Burn Zombie Burn, Savage Moon, even Noby Noby Boy lol.

Dmitry Orlov5138d ago

I've just completed Ninja Blade - it was average(about 70-80/100), not 'suck'.

Telling something sucks without even playing the game is universally stupid.

AAACE55138d ago

@ Mas Flow...whatever!

"SON"... Really... Does anyone even say "SON" anymore???LMAO

If you don't see any reason to keep a 360, then by all means, get rid of it! Enjoy your Ps3!

The thing that pissed me off is when you said, Most of the exclusive games will probably be on PC as well"... That is the same thing the fanboys say on here, yet when an article about a game like that comes up, none of those b*tches have any comments on the page.

Are you really going to buy it for PC? I give you and the other people who make such claims a 95% chance that you don't!

360FanLord5138d ago (Edited 5138d ago )

Why Are u talking it Personal?

the truth is that MS hasn't been steeping up and everyone here knows it,

last year the only game that wasn't on the PS3 that i got was gears 2 (and we all dont want to talk about gears 2)

am losing faith here too, Live is not enough of and incentive to keep on my 360 for much longer, here is hoping for a good showing at E3 or ill just have to whore my self out so i can buy a ps3,

true 360 fans would admit that last year and this year the PS3 has been the console to own and if that keep been the case then ill probably be force to get it cause above all else i love playing games

No Way5138d ago

I wouldn't really say that.

This year, it's definitely the year to own a PS3.
But, last year, it was about even.
The year before that, was definitely the x360.

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Microsoft Xbox 3605139d ago

This was expected from a mile away.

Shadow Man5139d ago

take your middle finger and put on your nose.
2.say a name of someone u like.
3.that person will ask u out or say they love u tomorrow. the thing copy and paste to 2 other news

Sangria5139d ago

So there will be free new clothes for Fable 2? Or is it going to be "It's a patch but you wont get them if you don't buy the DLC" thing?

Sangria5139d ago

I love how you can get disagrees whereas you just answer me.
You (anonymous persons) know, i didn't want to say "ololol M$ = moneysuckers", i just wanted to know it as a Fable 2 player.

New clothes were my main point of interest for this DLC, but if they come free, i wonder if it would be worth it to buy the DLC.

Uncle Rico5139d ago

yea i get you. I didnt take it as a fan boy comment i understand why i have so many disagrees. i guess it's your choice... but i heard the dlc was pretty decent and something to look forward to.