Out of Eight: Obulis Review

Out of Eight writes: "One of the nice things about reviewing games for the PC is that titles from other systems usually find their way to the preeminent gaming platform. Some of these ports end up being better than others, but the gaming smorgasbord (yeah, I can get my Swedish on) that the PC offers cannot be matched. Enter Obulis, a physics-based puzzle game that first appeared on mobile devices and has finally made its way onto the platform of choice for discerning gamers around the globe. Obulis can be thought of Rube Goldberg-light, where you must maneuver balls into pots (a nightly event for me) by setting up a chain reaction of events, usually involving balls hitting other balls (again, a nightly event for me). Let's attempt to wade through the remainder of the "balls" jokes and evaluate how Obulis stacks up in the ever-crowded puzzle genre."

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