New Wipeout Game in Development for PS3

Sony's UK studio is looking for a senior/lead designer to help bring Wipeout to the PS3 platform. This would all but confirm that the next game in the series appears to be in development.


Senior/Lead Designer - URGENT

Wipeout is the most revered, innovative and respected arcade/action racing franchise of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

The Task
To have a key role in realising future iterations of Wipeout on PSP and PS3.

- Being instrumental in defining & maintaining the creative direction of a major SCEE franchise.
- Have a good understanding of the games market & the ability to identify the key factors in producing commercially successful products.
- Be aware of the needs of the global target audience & be able to deliver designs which satisfy those needs.

Prior Experience
- A strong track record of leading major projects.
- Responsibility for the creative direction of at least one commercially successful shipped product.

Personal Qualities
- Ability to generate original and innovate ideas.
- An interest in contemporary trends in art, design and music would be an advantage.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Though pretty much expected this is the first proof that a next-gen version of Wipeout is in (or will soon be) development for the PS3.

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mikeeno76543d ago

Ohhhhh, another sequel...Sony please, don't do this to your fans...

bloop6543d ago

Some of my fave games are sequels. Theres nothing wrong with taking something thats good and making it better. Just one example, GTA:San Andreas. I say roll on the sequels. I was hoping Wipeout would make it to next-gen.

ACE6543d ago

yeah like there final fatasy 12 or is it 14 lol ,,, then you have riiiidggge raaaccccceeeerrrr 7 lol what a joke whats this wipeout 7 or 10 hmmmm sick of it

FamoAmo6543d ago

"Theres nothing wrong with taking something thats good and making it better"

- Yeah kind of like everything Sony did with their console copied the competitors and made it better... "Roll on the sequals"-Man that is pathetic You are buying a next gen console called ps3 not the remade ps2!! Originality is what its all about. MGS is the only series I like that is sequal.. FF sucks its old time for something new... LOOK AT THE 360 GAME LINE UP IT MAKES THE PS3 LINE UP LOOK LIKE CRAP!!!!!!!

Shadow Flare6542d ago


Halo 3
Gears of War 2
Forza Motorsport 2
Project Gotham Racing 3


Metal Gear Solid 4
Gran Turismo 5
Final Fantasy 13
Killzone 2

Both consoles have sequals and both have brand new titles. And besides, a sequal to a game means that it is very successful and popular. Anyone would rather have a sequal to a brilliant game then a whole field of crap ones. And besides, if a gmae has MORE sequals, such as Final Fantasy (1-13), then that means its INCREDIBLY successful. I mean 13 games in the series? That's phenomenal. It may not appeal to you, but who cares about you? Millions of other people love Final Fantasy (including me) so shut ur sasshole boy and cut the crap about ps3 being ALL about sequals

TheMART6541d ago

Killzone 2, does it still exist? Haven't heard or seen from it for 1,5 YEARS now

Gears of War is the Killzone 2 CGI you all saw @ E3 2005 in real time. Available this Christmas. Only on 360. Jump in

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AIan6543d ago

Ummm ok... next. I am so glad the PS3 will fail. So sayeth Alan

achira6543d ago

sorry but the ps3 will not fail it will rule, hahahaaaaaaaaaaa

NitrogenB6543d ago

if you're so sure sony will fail...what r u doin in the sony forums....dude, get a life. leave, go put your big boy panties on, and post on your xbox 1.5 playland...

Cyclonus6543d ago

this isn't a Sony forum; its a universal games' site.
people can say whatever they like about PS3 garbage.

achira6543d ago

you are wrong this is a ps3 topic !!! cant you read ??? if someone hates sony and the ps3 he should not read that topics. period.

NitrogenB6543d ago

that's riiiiiiight! WOW, it IS a ps3 topic, so my statement still stands! amazing, and you're still a little boy who needs to go to his corner Alan...

NitrogenB6543d ago

Hey, do me a favor...which system is highlighted up on the top left...HOLY CRAP! it's ps3!, so this IS a sony forum, go flame somewhere else little boy...

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Thor1j16543d ago

its rocked from ps1 to psp. i just hope that the ps3 games arent 99 dollars, i really dont fee llike paying 109 dollars for a game in canada. i have a 360, and the 69 dollars plus tax is outrageous. anyways, i love this series, and i hope its affordable.