With a lack of new blockbusters, Nintendo stock falters

Dogged by market perceptions that sluggish domestic demand augurs slower global sales, Nintendo Co. stock remained in the doldrums Thursday despite the all-time-high earnings it announced that day.

Despite the global economic slowdown, efforts to tap first-time gamers are proving a success. And the company expects pretax profit to jump 11 per cent to 500 billion yen this fiscal year.

Yet the market was not satisfied. Nintendo shares closed at 26,600 yen on Thursday, down 30 yen from last Friday.

Consensus is growing in the market that earnings will peak in fiscal 2009 , given the slowdown in the domestic gaming market, which is generally considered a leading indicator for trends overseas.

At home, sales of Nintendo's blockbuster Wii game console slumped 47 per cent to 2.06 million units in fiscal 2008.

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vader12312313817d ago

Take THAT Nintendo. Just goes to show that you cant survive on shovle ware.

Smacktard3817d ago

What shovelware has Nintendo put out, honestly? Outside of Wii Play and Wii Music, Nintendo's been nothing but big efforts. Yes, there have been some recent games with questionable design choices, but nothing (again, outside of Wii Play and Wii Music) that I'd classify as shovelware.

Well, the DSi app store is pretty damn awful too.

qface643817d ago

take that nintendo huh?
they made billions and billions of dollars this year
their sales and profits are up oh yeah take that nintendo

Anon19743817d ago

No shovelware? You're kidding, right?
Let's have a look at some recent releases and reviewers comments.

Cocoto Platform Jumper: "By the time the main game is over, you'll likely be glad to be through with it." Cheat Code Central

Major Minor's Majestic March "Problematic controls rain on this whimsical, yet shallow, parade." Gamespot

Party Fun Pirate "There's only so long you can be entertained by a single, limited concept." IGN

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution "An awful game that no one should consider buying or even renting." Gamervision

MySims Party "MySims Party offers a good amount of variety. Unfortunately, many of those games aren't all that fun." Nintendo Power

Six Flags Fun Park "The only authentic experience here is the sensation of being nickel-and-dimed at every stand, kiosk, and game you encounter." NintendoPower

And these are all just recent releases. Take a quick look at metacritic sometime. There's over 180 games for the Wii with a rating of 60 or below, or 40% of the games released.

No shovelware? Give me a break.

qface643816d ago

wow i had no idea all of those games were made and published by nintendo huh
last time i checked those are all 3rd party games that wouldn't affect nintendo stock at all

Anon19743816d ago

He said there's no shovelware. That's false.

ChickeyCantor3816d ago


No he is talking about what Nintendo made.
Everyone knows there is shovelware, you are twisting his words now.

Anon19743816d ago

I simply misunderstood. I thought he was denying all shovelware on the Wii, which would be something I would expect from Sephiroth75 or whatever his name is, you know, serious fanboy lunacy.

My mistake. I agree. I've always enjoyed Nintendo's own software. They do good work, always have and the gaming world is better for it.

Smacktard3815d ago

No, uh, there's tons of shovelware for the Wii. I was saying that Nintendo doesn't really put out shovelware themselves (meaning producing or publishing) and I thought I made that pretty clear in my post.

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DrRobotnik3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

With the next true Mario or zelda sequel not coming out until at least 5 years, or until the next nintendo system. I wouldn't be surprised.

Gamers are not stupid. Nintendo just fails to realize that we catch on to trends......well some of us.

n4f3816d ago

no were are not stupid but your word....
ah NVM

INehalemEXI3815d ago

an old school sega vs ninty fued brewing?

gumgum993815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Nintendo normally releases a new 3D Mario game once every Generation. The same usually applies to Zelda with some notable exceptions.

Sometimes I wonder if gamers are as smart as you suggest. We know that up until now, the Mario and Zelda series is not one to be milked per generation, and yet they act as if this is such.


Parapraxis3815d ago

"the Mario and Zelda series is not one to be milked per generation"

Microsoft Xbox 3603815d ago

Yeah WHAT?!?!?

Look at this list:

Mario has been milked like no other. Not that its a bad thing though.

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Seferoth753816d ago

Dark Fanboy, Please do not put your own faults on me. You are the one with the hate issues and your posts prove that. Your personal attacks are nothing but the pathetic attempts of a complete loser to try to get at someone you just cant prove wrong.

I don't think anyone has ever said that there is no shovel ware on Wii. People with brains just try to correct people like you when you act like Nintendo makes all those games, like Sony made Barbie, Blues Clues, Rugrats, and all the crap on PS2.

Anon19743815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

As always, rather than talk about the issue at hand you point and scream "OMG! Look at SONY!" Typical.
No one even mentioned Sony. Give it a rest.

As for the shovelware thing, do you not see my post admitting I made a mistake? I've got no problem owning up when I'm wrong. That's the difference between an adult and a child. Maybe if you exercised a little common sense once and a while you'd actually find yourself enjoying talking to other gamers instead of having your trolling posts continually erased and enjoying your numerous banishments to Open Zone.

By the way. I've blocked you from sending anymore of your pointless, psychotic love/hate rants to me via PM as you've probably noticed. Sorry, sweetheart. I'm just not that into you.

Seferoth753815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

AS usual you are too ignorant to even comprehend whats being said. Like any good fanboy though, you dont let your own ignorance stop you. You really cant comprehend why I brought up Sony? You dont think it would have anything to do with you claiming Nintendo makes shovelware because it is on the Wii and I am just giving you an example of what an idiot you look like saying it? Of course not... You'd have to have at least an IQ of higher than 65 to figure that one out.. Too bad for you really.

I have no problem talking to real gamers. The issue is, you are not one of them. You are just a trolling pathetic 12 year old fanboy who can do nothing but throw insults to make up for your inability to prove your point.

After all child it was you who started it by bringing me up for no reason. So it seems the only child who cant handle anything is you. And the fact is your POS3 is dead last with no signs of catching up and most of its major games flopping. But go ahead and act like its Nintendo in trouble like a good Sony sheep. I would expect nothing less from a die hard idiot like yourself. I know itsd going to be hard for to prove the Wii is crap when people like me keep pointing out how all that crap was on PS2..

It must be upsetting to know you cant just make up stuff to justify your hate..I think the most pathetic part is you actually consider your bias ignorance to show you to be a gamer. Real gamers support games not consoles, but all you can do is huff and puff about your POS being beaten by a better console. Maybe when you are old enough to hold a job you can actually support the PS3 by buying games and not just by trying to spin facts to make it look like its worth owning.

The biggest proof the PS3 is a complete POS that isnt worth owning is its fanboys like you. You cant even come up with anything decent to say about it that is FACT, so you focus on trying to prove the other consoles bad..

Anon19743815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

You didn't, because I know the PS2 had issues with this as well. But get this, using my same criteria, out of the 1679 PS2 reviews metacritic has posted, only 25% of those fall below 60. Not quite the same thing now, is it?
Also, you labor under the mistaken impression that I care that the PS3 is in last place. I don't. Why on earth would I? Because the PS3 launched later at a higher price, tell me exactly how that directly effects my enjoyment of the console?

Here's the difference between you and me. Re-read your own posts. Then read some of mine. I have points and I'm not afraid to back them up. I don't bash.
You, all you do is bash, through around comments like POS3, and the like, but never give a reason why you're mindlessly bashing.

You know, I owned a Wii and it wasn't for me but I applaud the system. Nintendo did an excellent job and anything that brings new gamers into the fold is fine by me. I can explain why the Wii wasn't for me and give examples. Can you actually provide one valid reason you don't support the PS3 - arguable the best console currently available? And I'm not talking "I don't like it because I hate Sony," BS. Can you even provide one reason why you label the PS3 the "POS3"?

Poor, deluded kid. And I'm still not going to date you so don't try to PM me anymore.

V0LT3815d ago

I think Nintendo is about to have some hard times... The demand is fading.. no releases in sight to really save it... I think its all downhill from here....

N4g_null3815d ago

Nintendo will be fine. SMG is a seriously good engine for 3d mario games and it's possible we will see another one. Some are leaning towards a 2.5 game that goes 3d at points but zelda is surely being worked on along with other games. We all know the stock market is retarded though.

Not to mention that motion+ is coming. Nintendo's full line up as not went online yet either.

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