EA 'experiment' in mature Wii content

EA's upcoming Dead Space Extraction for the Nintendo Wii is an "experiment" in mature content for the system, according to Glen Schofield, general manager of developer Visceral Games.

Nintendo's home console traditionally plays host to family-friendly software, but the Visceral Games exec believes that the survival-horror can attract a fanbase on the Wii.

"I'm confident - it is an experiment, but there's going to be 50 million Wiis out there by the time the game comes out, so if you only hit 2% of the installed base you've got a huge number," he told

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Anon19743812d ago

Good luck, though. The Wii's a great little system. Let's hope if EA can make a go of it that other developers won't be as discouraged by the sales of Madworld, Dead Rising or Medal of Honor Heroes and will actually keep releasing more mature fair for Nintendo's console.

I loved the mature games that were available on the Gamecube. Resident Evil 4, 0, and the remakes, Eternal Darkness, XIII, GUN, Hitman. There were no shortage of mature titles on the Gamecube.

SinnedNogara3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I both agree and disagree with your comment.

MadWorld is selling slow, like most hardcore Wii games. I believe that this game will sell slowly, but will have sold very well after 4-6 months, when the price drops.

SpoonyRedMage3812d ago

Well Madworld has been selling slowly but has alreayd surpassed God Hand so it hasn't done too badly and the reason Dead Rising sold badly is because it's a piece of crap. Dunno about MoH: H though.

I do hope they see success on the Wii though.

Gr813812d ago

I mean, Umbrella Chronicles, Re4 Port, Red Steel, Cod 3 & [email protected] mean M rated games don't sell on Wii, even though all mentioned games went past platinum. Its pretty sad that most 3rd parties are in "experiment" stage with Wii nearly 3 yrs after release. And they wonder why they are bleeding $$.

Anon19743812d ago

Nintendo's doing fine. The DS is their bread and butter, and a lot of developers main source of income as well, however just look at GTA: China Wars and see how mature games are doing there as well. But don't think for a moment Nintendo isn't raking in the cash.

STK0263812d ago

Well, even if the Wii has been out for some time now, it is still in experimental stage for most devs since it uses a new control scheme and has an heavily fragmented user base. It also uses tech more similar to the PS2 than the PS3/360, meaning that you can't really make a game on PC/360/PS3 and simply port it to the Wii like they are doing with most multiplatform titles.

Mature titles on the Wii haven't sold that badly, as some have even passed the milion mark, however, this number is rather small compared to the user base. Also, mature titles tend to sell better on the Wii after having a price drop and when being part of a franchise like CoD.

What I fear for the Wii is that it will someday be devoided of new mature IPs, only getting spin offs of established franchise. Games like RE:UC and the likes. These games can be good though, but having new IPs is also nice isn't it?

SpoonyRedMage3812d ago

Well apparently GTA: Chinatown Wars sold 99,000 this month in the US and it's doing significantly better in Europe. Plus Piracye is pretty bad with it.

Of course all this talk about Mature and Hardcore games, is that the problem? Or is it that 18-rated games don't sell?

I for one think Maturity and Hardcoreness(although I hate that term) is unrelated to the age certificate.

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PotNoodle3812d ago

Why hasn't anyone learned yet?

Nintendo has created their own market in the industry, stop trying to do the same stuff on their system - look at the audience and then *maybe* you will get it.

orakga3812d ago

That was nicely put.

The 40 million Wii owners are quite unlike the 30 million PS3/360 owners.

Also... I really have a hard time considering games like Dead Space: Extraction and Resident Evil: UC as mature titles. Yes, they have those blood/gore elements, but at their core is yet another Time Crisis clone (or house of the dead). These point-and-shoot games are hardly "hardcore" or "mature" IMO.

Anon19743811d ago

They're not really competing in the same market. No one is walking into a store, looking to buy a PS3 and going "Oh wait! A Wii? Well, I wanted a great online, Blu-Ray, DivX and something to work out my hi-def TV - or I could waggle a controller and play Cooking Mama!" and walking out with a Wii. The idea is ludicrous.

pixelsword3812d ago

...if this sells well, we'll include the Wii in our line-up for the "real" games; if not, then back to the casual corner with the Wii.

zoneofenders3812d ago

lol muraimasa and madworld beg to differ