CVG: Olympics is "neutral ground" for Mario and Sonic

President and chief operating officer of Sega Europe, Mike Hayes, today told CVG that it was the Olympics that inspired the recently-announced Mario and Sonic in the Olympic Games, and that the event "acts as a neutral ground for the two characters".

Discussing the partnership of gaming's two greatest icons, Hayes said: "Coming under the Olympic banner, I think the Olympics acts as a neutral ground for the two characters."

But both characters are very different, so how will Sega balance their abilities? Hayes explains: "We know that Sonic is fast and Mario is strong. Both characters have different strengths. But having the Olympics is the perfect territory to bring them together because they can use their different skills in the events that we're going to have, which include track and field events, table tennis, swimming and more.

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bigcookie120004755d ago

its soo obvious that the image is doctored mario 64 and sonic on dream cast....nice april fools joke that's not working

MySwordIsHeavenly4755d ago

Sonic is no longer an icon! Sam Fisher's more of an icon than he is. Mario's still up there...but now we have Master Chief, Dante, Solid Snake, and Sora

Robert223884754d ago

You are an idiot

Master Chief is as much of an icon as crap smeared on a wall

Sonic and Mario are from the Golden Age of gaming.

Nuf said.