iPGN: Terminator Salvation Review

Looking for the best 3D shooter on the iPhone? Look no further.

Gameloft brings the best shooting action yet to the iPhone with it's game based on the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie. It's not often that games based on movies are good, much less raise the bar for other games in their genre!

You play as either John Connor or Marcus Wright, but since the game isn't too heavy on plot, there may as well have just been one character. The game starts off with a great intro cut scene and ample instructions to get you moving around, using cover, and firing. The cover system works very well, and and is very similar to Gears of War. In fact, a lot in this game can be compared to Gears, which is a very good thing considering the quality of that game. You walk up to cover to lock in and crouch, whether it be sandbags or the corner of a wall.

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