iPGN: Baseball Game review

iPGN writes: "Ok, let's get one thing straight right away: even though I am from Sweden, I know what baseball is. Baseball Game by Global Net Value is not really a baseball game. It is more a batting and pitching game/simulator. There is no fielding; there are only two players on the pitch, the pitcher and the batter. To me, a baseball game has to contain fielding, stat development and season play. Just pitching and batting isn't really fun in my opinion. I do enjoy home run derbies, but you can't choose not to pitch in Baseball Game. This removes even the simple fun of batting like crazy.

You have two sets of controls to choose from: tilt and touch. I say this right away, tilt doesn't work. Pitching by tilt is ok, as you shake to throw. Even though you can't really aim, the pitch still goes within the aiming reticule. The batting with tilt, on the other hand, does not work. Shaking your phone while trying to see a tiny white ball is impossible. The touch controls work way better with just tapping where you want to hit. Pitches have to be set up with the kind of throw and aim before you swipe to throw."

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