Appmodo: 7 Days Apocalypse Hands On Tips and Review

StormBASIC did their homework again when developing 7 Days Apocalypse. The company integrated three dimensional graphics and animations flawlessly and combined it with intense third person shooter game play. The game offers a survival mode and historical mode that takes you through a 7 day story of saving mankind from an unknown virus called the "S-Virus" and man eating zombies. The game's AI (artificial intelligence) is very good and provides a somewhat difficult but obtainable challenge.

The controls are intuitive and offer two rotating circles in each bottom corner of the screen which control 360 degrees of movement and direction/aim. There are two 3D game views called "Back Camera" and "Overhead Perspectives". The back camera is amazing, throwing you right into the action first hand. Graphics, animations, and iPhone performance are awesome in this view but game play is still fun even at the overhead perspective. There are a selection of weapons ranging from pistols and plasma guns to chainsaws. Other game features include an auto save, ability to turn off and on auto select weapon, view control percentage (fade them in and out), and game play view. The game play sound track features awesome rock music and the game's sound effects (gun fire, zombie noises) are also cool. Sound control reflects the iPhone's volume controls as well as the silence all option.

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