Appmodo: ParkingLot Review and Tips

Appmodo writes: "Developed by, ParkingLot offers two difficulty levels, beginning and advanced. The beginning user features 12 level packs with 40 puzzles each that include the cities Bangkok, Beijing, Hongkong, London, Monaco, Nairobi, Ottawa, Paris, Seoul, Athens, Brussels, Copenhagen. The advanced user features 3 level packs with 40 puzzles each that include Atlanta, Boston and Cupertino.

Gameplay is extremely intuitive, provides a challenge for all ages, and displays a difficulty meter on screen. As of version 2.2, there are a total of 560 puzzles. There is also a global scoreboard to challenge yourself against the rest of the world. Graphics and animations for ParkingLot are very smooth, crisp, and clean. The game's sound starts off muted but can be enabled on the title screen. The music itself is the same you would find in an elevator, soothing and relaxing, but after a few levels I found myself turning it off. You do have the option to stream your own music from iTunes though."

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