AppChatter Review: Minesweeper Classic

AppChatter writes: "Minesweeper has long been a favorite of mine. Maybe because it was a great stress-reliever for a student. Maybe because I was so good at it that I held all the high scores on my family's computer. So, when I saw that Liberty For One had released Minesweeper Classic for the iPhone and iPod Touch, I had to have it.

The game is exactly what I remember it being. Only the controls are different without using a mouse on the computer. You have to clear the board as fast as you can by marking all the bombs and clearing all the other blocks. The idea is easy enough, but you have to use some logic and sometimes some lucky guesses to figure it out. Squares on the board are cleared by tapping them. If there are bombs in any of the six squares neighboring a cleared square, the number of bombs are displayed on that square. You must then figure out which squares the bombs lie under. To mark a square as containing a bomb, you simply tap and hold on the square. A flag will be placed on that square. If you accidentally tap on a bomb, the game is over. To make your work faster you can clear the remaining squares around a numbered square once you have marked that number of bombs around it by tapping on the number again. (ie. If there are 2 bombs marked in the six squares surrounding a number 2, simply tap on the 2 to clear the remaining squares.)"

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