Here's What I'd Request In The PSP Go! If I Had A Job At Sony & A Say In Such Things - PushSquare

Twiggy, PushSquare: "Sadly I don't work at Sony. That means my chances of having an input on any of their decisions is slim to say the least. Alas, I do have a voice, a keyboard and a website that accommodates me - all of which give me room enough to say the odd piece or two about things that I want. In this case, the PSP Go!.

If you'd care to picture the scenario for a moment: your PushSquare opinionator is enjoying a rare moment of English sunshine. I'm waiting for a train home; there's a 20 minute wait and I've read the newspaper. As a saving grace I have my PSP in my bag and a can of Barr's cherryade. I sit on the ground absorbing the sun's rays - snug and warm. My can of cherryade bubbles as I pull the catch and greedily glug a first helping. "Ahhh, this is the life," I conclude - pushing the power lever of my PSP, "I'll just have a couple of rounds of Outrun before…" - and just like that, my dreams are shattered. "I forgot you can't play the PSP outside," I glumly murmur to myself."

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Saren Arterius3815d ago

Nintendo DSi and Iphone make the PSP brand irrelevant.

Elvfam5113815d ago

DSi is wack man you can't even play gameboy advance games no more and iphone can't talk about it but i rather have buttons

TomAB3815d ago

I disagree, the psp is a great system that has great games. Its main failing is that it trys to emulate a console experience, where as the DS has a uniquue gaming experience even though its not as technically impressive as the psp. we all should own both basically

Kushan3815d ago

Irrelevant? HA! It's perfectly relevant. It might not be selling more, but the 360 and PS3 aren't exactly outselling the Wii, would you call THEM irrelevant?

STK0263815d ago

how is it irrelevant?
Can either the iPhone or the DSi prvide a 3rd person GTA game? so far, no
The DSi is unable to render 3d games to the level the PSP is able to. On the other hand, the iPhone is close to the PSP and might even beat it, however, it doesn't allow for traditionnal controls in most cases, which makes it a rather lame platform for many games. The iPhone also has a shorter battery ife if you use it for 3d games. Finally, as far as the iPhone goes, the low price of most apps has prevented it so far from getting "deep" games. Most games on the app store are on the short side and provide a limited yet fun experience while the PSP and the DS can give you a console level experience.

kewlkat0073815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

**Tendo DSi**
+Dual Screen
+Touchscreen/Stylus functionality
+Jrpg/2D/3D Gaming support
+Good Battery Life
+Flash Card support

-Weak graphics
-256MB flash memory
-No Analog Stick

**Apple Iphone**
+Cheap Developer Support
+Good graphics
+8-32gig HDD

-MP3/Video/Phone comes first
-Not a true gaming device
-no physical D-pad/Buttons
-Horrible Battery Life

**Sony PSP**
+Awesome Graphics
+Comfortable Controls & Analog
+Game Device then MP3/Video/Net capabilities
+Hackable Firmware

-Touch Screen is in
-Needs more of it's own titles, not PS2 remakes/rehashes
-More casual titles to Maximize sales.

I think if done right and with a more casual support, the PSP2 can be a great handheld, or at least give Nintendo a run for it's money. With that picture, I don't think it would be comfortable holding the PSP2 at the bottom, where it's all Thumbs.

Baka-akaB3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I'll drop my psp and only keep my ds (wont change for a dsi yet) when it'll display Crisis core , dissidia , FFXIII agito and psx games .

And i do love my iphone , but have guys tried to play real games ? Not just arcade and puzzle mini-games , not just messing around with a guitar hero lousy clone ? Cause aside of a few experiences like Metal Gear wich would obviously rock any device , it's hardly great for games .

Bnet3433814d ago

Worst. Headline. Ever.

Enate3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I agree they are both good handhelds but the decision of whether or not u should to own both is up to preference. Reguardless of how u personally like both not everyone needs both same with home consoles.

@kewlkat007 I think ur pretty right on with most of it but I wouldn't automatically give DS the + for J-RPGS. Mainly because I have numerous J-rpgs on my psp that I like. an for me TWEWY is currently the only J-rpg on the DS I have enjoyed after going through numerous suggestions from DS fans. Yes its preference but its not like psp is lacking J-RPGS an more doesn't always mean better. Not to mention up coming games with potential like Dissidia, Parasite Eve the third birthday, Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep, FFXIII agito, Monster hunter freedom unite,Ushiro and Undead Knights.

TomAB3814d ago

I was not being literal, just ilustraing my point that they are good purchases

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TomAB3815d ago

if the psp2 looks like that im sold

Ssxtreme363814d ago

but if it doesn't have a second analog stick im not even going to spend a second considering buying is sony going to release an updated version of their already popular hand held unit and not listen to the fan's and consumers #1 request for the system. we've been asking for it for 4 years and they really need to consider adding it....

Kushan3815d ago

If I had my choice, I'd ask for a hypervisor so that people could write homebrew apps that work right off of the XMB, without enabling piracy.

The PSP, by itself, is a pretty poor device in my opinion, but when you open it up with some custom firmware and plugins, it becomes one of the best portable devices you can have.

mephixto3815d ago

How much could cost to put the functionality of a cellphone in the PSP Go?. Just a simple cellphone to make calls, a secondary function for the psp. It could be awesome.

Ellessdee3815d ago

huge psp game library on PSN (gonna need it anyways if theres no more UMD). i would gladly sell my old umd based psp games and repurchase them from PSN just to get rid of those stupid UMD's and have all my games instantly playable on my psp.

internal harddrive to store all my games and music on (60 or 80GB should do the trick) this would also make the psp-go a real competitor against zune and ipod, which would increase sales. i would rather only carry one thing around instead of both my psp and my ipod.

longer battery life (at least 8 hours) the battery life as it is simply doesn't cut it.

trophy support. shouldn't need explaining.

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