The Bender Podcast - Ep 40 - Duke, Trek, and Too Many Games

Binge Gamer writes: This week's The Bender is back to "normal".. Allison convinces Mike to try Puzzle Kingdoms, James scares us all off of Stalin vs Martians. We take on Star Trek for a moment, then right back to games, Duke Nukem no more, Perry at a convention by his lonesome, and Guitar Hero grab our lead stories, enjoy!

Show Notes :

Star Trek was awesome

Starlight notice

Perry hits up Too Many Games convention


Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms closes. Some leaked screens, for your pleasure. Also, List of things that have happened since the production started on the game.

Lord British is suing the shit out of NCSoft

Ghostbusters now exclusive to Sony… in Europe

Busy week for Guitar Hero: Track list. $2 Billion franchise. Guitar Hero TV show?. Oh, and GH: Van Halen is official

Joel Mchale hosting Ubisoft E3 showing (Joel > Jamie Kennedy)

Fallout 3 DLC was broken again

Sex Offenders in Texas may have to register gamertags

MGS4 on 360 rumors… because it's been a while

7 Studios ordered to hand over Scratch: The Ultimate DJ source code

Perfect Dark XBLA confirmed! (again, but for real this time!)

Microsoft will be crippling your Windows 7 RC1

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