120GB PS3 Expansion Pack for £46.40

What with all the hoo-hah this week about Microsoft's all-singing, all-prancing new Elite Xbox 360 model, SPOnG decided to do a little bit of research into expanding the capacity of thier shiny new PS3's hard drive.

What they found out was a rather pleasant surprise, as one can pick up a PS3-compatible 120 GB Fujitsu drive from Scan Computers online for a measly £46.40, including value added tax. Now that's a bargain!

So, how easy would it be for your standard "tech-tard" to fit one of these?

SPOnG's resident "tech-spert" (sorry!), Gavin informs us that it's fairly simple, as there are clear instructions in the PS3 manual.

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FordGTGuy4750d ago

To compare the HDD in the Xbox 360 to a HDD you pick up for a couple dollars is dumb. This is because the one in the Xbox 360 must reach speed requirements and must maintain these speeds for long periods of time. The other problem is that the Xbox 360 HDD has all the security and so on software thats needed to work with it and allow it to save games and so on.

In short, The HDD in your Xbox 360 isn't the same kind you can pick up from CompUSA now please stop with the dumb comparisons.

fenderputty4749d ago

Really 3 times better. A new 120 gig HD costs 179 dollars for you. Check out 2.1. Seems to me that you're getting shafted.

power0919994749d ago


Not calling you out on this, but do you have a link or something to this info?

Not for proof, but I am genuinly curious to read this info. I was always under the impression that it was just a run of the mill HDD. I did not realize it was unique.

If not it's cool, but I would really like to read this.

Violater4749d ago

The price comes from good quality equipment, which is why i bought a PS3 :D

Columbo4749d ago

Here is the link to Major Nelson's podcast about it. The information about the drive speed, etc. is from about the 25 minute mark to the 30 minute mark. Although I highly encourage you to listen to it all. Hope this helps!

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SuperSaiyan44750d ago

The 360 HDD from what I read on the blog are 7,200rpm not the usual 5,400rpm as found in the PS3's also I don't think a 7,200rpm would be compatible in a PS3.

Not only is the blu-ray in the PS3 slow the HDD is to amazing.

A 7,200rpm 2.5' 120gb HDD costs a lot more than £47.

Marty83704749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

Where does MS get there rip off prices from.

Both PS3 & X360 use notebook 2.5" hdd which spin at 5400rpm or lower. Both PS3 & X360 use 5400rpm drives. As they produce less heat and noise.

techie4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

Of course they are very different beasts, but fact is you can upgrade your ps3 much cheaper.

PS3 is also capable of 5,400rpm upto 7,200rpm....but actully the performance difference on testing is minimal.

The point is you can have a cheap alternative...and aren't forced into any corner. You can choose whatever you like at whatever price you like.

FordGTGuy4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

HDD will stay at a near constant 7,200 RPM the entire time I use it? Thats where the price comes from and thats purpose built and good quality equipment.

achira4749d ago

such persons like you are total dumb. do you want to tell me that microsoft uses high quality hdd, lol what a joke. you get the cheapest of the cheapest for the highest price. does ms guarantee you that the hdd rotates always with 7200RPM ? how dumb can ppl be, but its not only dumb its total arrogancy. you can buy your cheap crap from ms, if you are so dumb, i will spend my money for a better and far cheaper hdd. lol, i think the best expression for this is brainwashed, not only you but other on this site too. of course microsoft will invent idiotic reasons for this 180 bucks, but this is bs (ala enclosed environment bla bla bla, god how dumb).

Syko4749d ago

This HDD for 180$ is really bustn' my balls for some reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.