ZoKnowsGaming: Is There Any Real Purpose For Trophies On The PS3?

ZKG writes "So first I have to preface this as I always have to when I write these kinds of pieces that I in fact do like the PS3 and in fact I only cover PS3 news on this site. As someone who plays a lot of games, I always think that each component of the game or the architecture of the system should serve a purpose, but as far as I have been able to determine the trophies on the PS3 don't really have a purpose. The main thing I am trying to point out is that either Sony needs to find a way to really make trophies relevant in PS3 or they should just get rid of them altogether."

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madmonkey03819d ago

you might as well ask. is there any real purpose for achievements on xbox360.

the reason is that they give gamers something to work for, making it more likely that players will replay the games. and to allow gamers to feel more involved.

thatruth20063819d ago

I definitely agree with you but I mean does it increase replay value. Most gamers I know, there primary purpose is to beat the game, not gain all the trophies though I know people who do try and collect all the trophies. The conversation that I really wanted to get started with that article is what can they do to add more value to the trophies since it seems like they want to keep them? The way its done now, you wouldn't remember what you got something for or when. More importantly, why does it matter that I got 70% of the trophies and someone else got a 100%, did they get some in game bonus or a voucher code to another upcoming title? That would make me want to collect all the trophies then. Right now its like in college, what's the difference btw a 90 and a 100, cause on your transcript you both just got an A right?

PirateThom3819d ago

Games don't have a purpose, as a rule, they're entertainment.

Fishy Fingers3819d ago

In general yes. But this gen has seen the rise of educational games or even exercise based titles. Admittedly most of these are found on Nintendos consoles.

Still, a lot have an underlining moral that you can take away with you.

SpoonyRedMage3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Fishy Fingers the edutainment games have existed long before this generation. Ever heard of Typing of the Dead?

@V: Ahh right, just misinterpretted. The touch generations line of game is pretty mighty though.

Fishy Fingers3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Hence the reason for "rise" not birth. Brain Training (and the like) are much more mainstream.

SeanScythe3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Yeah it does give you something, bragging right. If I can brag that I got Plat trophy for COD:5 and you haven't then that means I worked my butt off to get that damn thing. Shooting down the 45 zeros gave me that bragging right.

Nitrowolf23819d ago

Wow Way to target the PS3.
Trophies and achievments are the same (except the system of course)
The only purpose that i can think of is for more playtime.
Until sony comes out with a trophy reward system (I mean #of trophies award you something) then they are the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.