Brutal Legend's Star Didn't Always Look Like Jack Black

The star of Brutal Legend, Eddie Riggs, looks a lot like his voice actor, Jack Black. But he didn't always look like Jack Black. No, he once looked like someone better.

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TenSteps3811d ago

The change was better sure it was Jack Black but Jack Black looks more like a roadie than Lemmy

kingOVsticks3811d ago

Lemmy is a way to badass for what Brutal legend is going for. Jack Black fits the roadie role perfectly in this game cuz in all honesty he looks and acts like roadie in reality :P

Arsenic133811d ago

The other character looks like some trucker tool. Glad it went with a more less intense character.

LinuxGuru3811d ago

Come on...after School of Rock, to not have Jack Black in this role would be an insult lol.