Raw Deal for Early 360 Adopters?

With the announcement of Xbox 360 Elite, Microsoft is placing a growing emphasis on media downloads. But are loyal Xbox 360 owners getting a raw deal?

According to a New York Times report, a survey conducted by Microsoft found that Xbox 360 users spend almost 40% of time with their consoles engaged in activities other than gaming.

The announcement of the Elite version of the 360, which comes equipped with a 120-gigabyte hard drive, and the formation of new partnerships with movie studio Paramount Pictures and A&E Network to name but a few, is increasing evidence of the company's desire to position the 360 at the centre of home entertainment.

Current Xbox 360 owners, who can purchase a separate 120-gigabyte hard drive at a cost of $179, appear to be getting a raw deal. Not only are these early adopters stuck with an older model of the console that offers less in the way of high-definition support, but factor in the cost of a current premium Xbox 360 ($399) and the price of the larger hard drive and the figure is close to $600 dollars, far exceeding the Elite's retail price, due to be $479.of any size.

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Deafman4204759d ago

might as well buy me a ps3 to go along with my white 360 cuz this Deal is BULLSHIT!! YOU READ THIS MICROSOFT..ITS BULLSHIT!! This is only my thoughts as an early 360 buyer. You got your own thoughts, post em and ignore mine!! And another thing microsoft....what happens next year and the year after that and so on til the next xbox come?

ASSASSYN 36o4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

All this moaning and crying and you all act like your required to get it. Get over it. This will pass when more games comes out and sony baby`s finally get a hit game like gears, lost planet, Halo 3 (given), dead rising, and Rainbow 6 which still hasn`t released yet. If you want it and can`t afford it thats one thing if you dislike what your getting in the elite move on to another system believe me you won`t be missed. And if it had all the features people wanted in it you all would complain about the price of the elite. Games on 360 will still play and people will still flock to Xbox live. And MS and developers will still reap the rewards. Everyones opinion on this issue will be irellevant in 4 days when this article dwindles to N4G abyss...more than likely replaced with another in mere hours.

Anerythristic264758d ago

I really don't need the features the Elite offers , the only thing I am upset about is the black color. I like it alot , but I won't buy a new console simply because of the color scheme.

fjtorres4758d ago

Black case? Not a problem.
And now you can buy a black controller to go with it.

Dreamworker4758d ago

i maybe buy the HDD if iptv comes. When you buy a Toyota camry 2007. You maybe like the 2008 model one year later better. that's live

Silvia0074758d ago

with your car scenario, you can atleast do a trade in, with the 360, you're just SOL. A better way to put it, if you buy a $600 dollar 8800GTX for your PC... perhaps even two, and next year, a 8888gtx or something comes along, then you are in the same boat. So what if MS releases another unit. I think even though many people feel it's BS, as long as MS is willing to fix their mistake, I'm cool with it. Only downside is, MS may possibly end up with millions of fans jumping ship. But that's something they are willing to deal with I suppose. Sometimes, these little things make or break a company. Technically, it's their system, they can do whatever they frigg'n want.

jib4758d ago

a hard drive for that price is a ripoff. i just bought a 250gb for my pc a month ago for 80 dollars.

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The story is too old to be commented.