New numbers reveal crippling scale of games piracy

Although video games are turning in record sales numbers, some recent releases are shining light on the scale of the illegal game downloading epidemic -- and it doesn't make comfortable reading.

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madmonkey03816d ago

Games are just as easy to download as movies and music. i think the point is. most people that download the games wouldnt bother playing them at all if they had to pay the £30 for it. and thoose that dont mind paying for it would still play it just the same so it really is irrelavant how many people download the games.

heosphuros3816d ago

You are going to get flamed for that!

LastDance3816d ago

That sounds like pirate talk to me matey.

mastiffchild3816d ago

That's right. My mate is the biggest git for downloading games and having his consoles chipped that you ever met but 9 times out of ten he only downloads the games that he prolly wouldn't buy in the first place. Even a sly git like him buys the releases he really wants.

The only exception to that is if he's really skint and then he might d/l one he'd have liked to buy(remember him doing it with Gears1 for PC)but again he'd argue that as he didn't have the cash anyway(therefore couldn't possibly buy it)he isn't actually taking revenue away from devs/publishers.

While it's so damn easy, though, I reckon there are plenty of people abusing the system more than this. I've lost count of the number of people that have offered to chip my 360 or put loads of games on a DS cart for me-some didn't even want paying. So I guess there's real trouble there but your average PC/360/Wii gamer getting the odd pirated copy is less of an issue than the guys offering their nefarious services about-christ people selling DS on Ebay often openly advertise the fact you'll get a hundred games with the handheld from them!

It isn't, imo then, the gamers that are causing the problem getting a game when they can't afford it or aren't that bothered but those using others work as a business op.

Mindboggle3816d ago

I do sort of agree what your saying as I remember when I was illegally downloading music I would download about 10 songs a day of pure crap that I only listened to it once. But now im buying music of iTunes I only buy about 2 a week as thats all I really want and need. Plus I listen to all the songs ive bought all the time, whereas I hardly listen to the songs I downloaded. And this would be the same with games.

evrfighter3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

I don't buy singleplayer games but I've played them. I don't pirate good multiplayer games but have bought them all.

Take that as you will.

cs, cod series, l4d, The orange box, wow, demigod, unreal series, quake series, hawx (came with my 4890), crysis, battlefield series. All of them are legit.

I would have bought nba2k9 no questions asked had the online mode and living rosters not been dumped on the pc port. But I guess technically since I bought it for my brothers 360 I shouldn't care so much about it anymore since I still play it quite a bit.

Kushan3816d ago

evrfighter, you only buy multiplayer games because they're the one thing pirates haven't "cracked", unless you count playing "LAN" games with friends over hamachi (hardly the same as jumping into a server list with hundreds/thousands of other players).
I'm one of the few people that are willing to stand up and point out how inaccurate and overblown a lot of these pirating statistics are (1.7million downloads is an $85million loss? Because each of those downloads represents a lost sale of $50? HA! I don't think so! Most of those downloads were never going to buy the game, many still bought the game and most that did wont have paid RRP for it - I certainly haven't paid the RRP on anything in years), but people like you are the ones I will not defend. Are you seriously trying to tell me that there hasn't been a good single player game released lately, in amongst lots of high-quality multiplayer titles? Mass Effect and Bioshock weren't worth your money? I don't think so.

evrfighter3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

"evrfighter, you only buy multiplayer games because they're the one thing pirates haven't "cracked","


if you can figure it out...why can't devs? though I didn't buy crysis for the multiplayer mode. The last singleplayer game I bought was Max payne and deus ex way back when. I own the total war series also but those have multiplayer features.

f7897903816d ago

Games a lot of people wouldn't bother buying but download for free.

Kakkoii3816d ago

@Kushan: Actually, multiplayer games get cracked to. But people usually have to play on non official servers.

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Marty83703816d ago

Thats why most devs should make the switch to PS3 development, as there is no piracy.

TheMART3816d ago

Thats why the PS2 became last gens nr. 1, because it could be pirated also?

Piracy isn't a big thing on the consoles as long as the attach rate on the 360 is still highest of the 3 consoles this gen.

G4drake3816d ago

would you pay 1000 bucks for rock band?

poindat3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Maybe I'm missing a reference here or something, but Rock Band isn't anywhere near $1000. Even then, pirating it would be somewhat pointless since you need the instruments to fully enjoy it.

edit: Ah, I see South America. Still, there is little point in downloading Rock Band unless you have already paid for the instruments, in which case the price of the game would be more or less irrelevent.

blink30203816d ago

All of you people are a bunch of pu**y a** whiners. Get over yourselves.

TheBand1t3816d ago

Because game developing is a job, and game developers like to get paid. No $$$ = No new games.

Kushan3816d ago

What the hell are you even talking about?

nightelfmohawk3816d ago

I'm talking about just about every major 360 game being pirated and leaked prior to release, including but not limited to Street Fighter 4 and Halo Wars.

GiantEnemyCrab3816d ago

and durrrrrrrrrrr that is why we don't have a web browser durrrrrrrrrrr

Kushan it's another PS3 troll who is haunted by the 360 and of course didn't read the article to know this has nothing to do with the 360.

Also he forgets that even with piracy 360 games still sell more than the PS3.

8 bubbles on this guy? For reals?

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The story is too old to be commented.