The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle Details writes:

"The Beatles Rock Band game (360/PS3/Wii) is available for pre-order today at Amazon. The game is available in both regular edition (software only) and the Limited Edition Premium Bundle.

The Limited Edition Premium Bundle is priced at a jaw dropping $249.99, but contains all the instruments including:"

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Ellessdee3812d ago

im not even sure if i wanna buy it. ive never played guitar hero or rock band before, cause ive never been interested in the music. this is my chance to get into it, but the entry price is proposterous. all i want is the game and the hofner bass (i actually have a real hofner bass, they are very lovely) and the mic (yeah i like to sing, shut up).

any chance i can buy the bass separately? or is the hofner bass just for this stupid overpriced bundle?

Bubble Buddy3812d ago

I don't think so man :/. However you can buy John's or George's guitar separately and correct me if I'm wrong, with the game for $100. I might either get the game only or a bundle with John's guitar/ I already have all the other instruments. Plus I need to pick up a mic stand ;).

TomMcBaum3812d ago

You can pick up the drums for about $40 (I've seen them as low as $10 on Craigslist); guitars can be had for as little as $10; and mics for $10 or less. If you grow your hair long enough, you won't be able to see that they're not identical to the ones in this overpriced bundle.