Trinity Universe : First Screenshots

Famistu has published the first screenshots ans artworks for Trinity Universe.

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Hiruma Youchi3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

They look better than the ones from NIS Last Rebellion. Theres More Life In The characters ArtWork. The ones from Last Rebellion looked kinda bland. go look @ them before talking crap against me please.

Skyreno3816d ago

looks great!!!!! .. maybe last rebellion was early build ... but this game has better graphic

Stedron3816d ago

Agree...Etna in 3d looks nice cant wait

pippoppow3816d ago

Would like Atlus to make a new Growlanser game similar but of course updated to growlanser 2. Need to play part 3 and I wonder how the other one/s released for the PS2 in the US were like? I liked when the story mode portrayed the characters in the foreground with a distant background kind of like in this the new game by NIS. Looking forward to hearing more about the new NIS RPG games recently announced.