IncGamers: Pokemon Platinum Review

Chris Schilling takes the latest Pokemon offering on a tour of the DS.

"With each and every new iteration, developer Game Freak faces the twin risks of irritating the game's enormo-fanbase if too much is changed, but also giving Poké-fans precious few reasons to upgrade if it fails to tweak things sufficiently."

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thetamer3814d ago

It's good that someone who actually understands the game and the franchise has reviewed this. All too often it's someone without a clue who passes comments. Good review.

heosphuros3814d ago

isnt this practically the same game as the other pokemon games on the DS?

schommerc3813d ago

They have to be running out of interesting suffixes though..

Nintendo has too many roots in Pokemon, expect to see them as long as Nintendo exists.

jkashuba073813d ago

the only pokemon games out for DS is Diamond and Pearl (by only I mean the rpg style, well I guess you can count ranger as rpg too but anyways), they have made three different ones for each region, and have always released the third one a little later down the road, so its not like they're not following what they always do..

I really wish they'd make another trading card game! That'd be sicked with WiFi!