50 Cent's latest game has sold only 56k

PS3Hype writes: 'With 50 Cent becoming less popular in the music industry, his games also become unpopular. The first 50 Cent game has sold a nice 1.1 millon games, but his latest game (Blood on the Sand) has only sold 56.000 copies (in 2 months). That's not really impressive, and we think that 50 Cent games become to the history from now.'

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LarVanian3812d ago

Now what I call a flop.

heosphuros3812d ago

he shouldnt of bothered with either of the games. they both suck!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3812d ago

Even in japan this would be considered a flop.

don_wroc_love3812d ago

i my opinion, the second game was quite cool and gave me a lot of fun :)
i think that poor sale was a result of poor quality of first game in series...

STK0263812d ago

have you even played blood on the sand to say that it sucks? while it lacked multiplayer, the game was fun. It wasn't a masterpiece, but it didn't suck. The graphics were okay, sound was annoying for me since I'm not a 50cent fan and all you hear is either him or his songs, gameplay was actually very good and the story, well, while being on the sucky side wasn't as bad as some other stories I've seen in games lately.

as for bulletproof, I won't argue about the fact it sucked.

Blaze9293812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Was not a terrible game. You guys are just too ignorant to give it a try becuase it features a rapper.

And if you guys actually look at the article it isn't 56K, its about 156k.

56k on the PS3
100k on the Xbox 360

Noted, "according to VGChartz" so who knows how much more the actual numbers are. A good game ignored becuase people know nothing, shame.

TenSteps3812d ago

Yeah Blood on the Sand didn't suck but thats why it's so fun it's ironic the bad game sold while the good game didn't

Lifendz3812d ago

Games like this are joke games. You can't sell these games for full retail price against the mega games available now. Last year was a different story. The landscape and available games were not nearly as robust as it is today. This game screams for a 29.99 or 39.99 price point. At that price, it becomes an impulse purchase. For more than that it's just not feasible as evidenced by the sales.

aksmashh3812d ago

For A Game This Sh*t Sold That Much Its A Achievement

Why Didn't They Ever Make A Micheal Jackson Game?
It Would Of Crazy With All His Moves

OGharryjoysticks3812d ago

The Blood on the Sand game was good. You obviously didn't play it, you're not a fan of arcade shooters, or just a hater.

On next gen systems it's better than a lot of shooters

kparks3812d ago

me i really liked the game and coop is fun and challenging i played through it several times and really liked it and it was pretty funny in its own way.. its a really good game not a big 50 cent fan but you got to respect what he is doing he makes music does vitamin water makes games and several other things he is a business man trying to make money and his music and games may not be something you like but there are loads of people out there who do and to say that his second game sucks shows that your just hating or never played it!! but his first game SUCKED A$$

pixelsword3812d ago

Like vgchartz, but other than them?

theusedfake3812d ago

"Why Didn't They Ever Make A Micheal Jackson Game?"

Sega did in 1990 lol. it's called Michael Jackson's Moonwalker.

7thNightvolley3812d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

came out on 2 CONSOLES and still didnt make it pass 56k.. lool wow.. now that is a challenge, There u go ppl 50 cent Blood in the sands" has set a new bar

ajeben8093811d ago

thats about all it deserves

50CALheadshot3811d ago

just like his album sales.

he made a bet that if kanye sold ore records than 50 , 50 would quit making music.

lol, 50 is still singin on the radiuo

theEnemy3811d ago

selling them for 50 cents a pop.

f7897903811d ago

The sales will shoot up. People buy bad games to entertain themselves. I'd buy Big Rigs for $5 for a good laugh.

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bmatthews3812d ago

56,000 people were dumb enough to buy it?

that's a shocking figure in it's own right, but in all seriousness that is a major flop.

DelbertGrady3812d ago

The game is probably better than his music though. His rapping skills are as good as P Diddys or Kanyes lol!

Rockstar3812d ago

This isn't my type of game, not even close.

But wasn't it X-Play that said this game is actually really good?
Likely others but I remember X-Play specifically.

Why is everyone saying this game sucks when I'm pretty sure about 98 percent of you (judging by the numbers) haven't played it?

Just because Fiddy is in it (and yes, for the record I think he sucks) doesn't mean the game necessarily sucks does it?

I agree with the opinion that the price killed this title, price and higher profile titles to be exact.

Again, I haven't played it so I don't know if it sucks or not.
But I'm guessing that's not the reason.

Blaze9293812d ago

thats exactly the reason. the majority if not all the people who are saying the game sucks havent even PLAYED it just becuase 50 cent is in it.

Play the game first then judge, but that will obviously never happen with this.

SprSynJn3812d ago

I think the point that is trying to be made here is that the name "50 cent" shouldn't even had gotten famous, much less a game being made using that name. Well, that point should be made anyway. :p

Consoldtobots3811d ago

IMO rap is played out, 50 is actually the one thats still somewhat listenable.

Kanye, Little Wayne and every rapper from the south is EVERYTHING that is killing it as a form of music.

Rap has gone gay. Its all ROCK for me now.

Sarcasm3811d ago

"Kanye, Little Wayne and every rapper from the south is EVERYTHING that is killing it as a form of music.

Rap has gone gay. Its all ROCK for me now."

Agreed, 50 cent is hardly considered horrible when all you hear is Kanye's stupid songs.

f7897903811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

They could actually be a lot higher. Not hard to beat 56,000 sales.

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News4fanboys3812d ago

^^ yeah!
acually thats success in my eyes since i was begging for this game to flop.
so HUGE success for me :)

i am going to enjoy watching him deteriorate.

VasiliasNtaHs3812d ago

I so agree with you! I wouldn't buy anything with this guy name on, not even for a 50 cent.

omni_atlas3811d ago

Didn't Edge give this a better score then Killzone 2?

LONEWOLF2313812d ago

Wow, so people actually bought this trash?
Must be a bunch of hardcore 50 pennies followers OR for all you know 50 pennies himself bought 50k just to save face.

LinuxGuru3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

lol @ 50 pennies


50 Pence

Mikelarry3812d ago

mean to sound like a hater but GOOD. this dude is trash

II Necroplasm II3812d ago

Yeah I have to agree with you lol. I might even pop out a 40 to celebrate.

Consoldtobots3811d ago

all rap is trash, not just him.