Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta Vouchers Already Being Sent

Qore annual subscribers are already getting the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer beta vouchers via email. If you are a Qore subscriber you will be getting this in the next few days (or you already did).

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WildArmed3815d ago

I wonder if i'll get one @ Gamestop
*puts out of business sign outside of Gamestop during May 24-28.*
Well that'll take care of it.

*goes buys annaul qore subscription*
just in case..

>_> now i'll be mad if i dont get in

Either way.. imma have some problems soon:

Play Uncharted 2 beta or Infamous? DMNIT! both are amazing!

doctorstrange3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I beg you to pm me the spare code

if u have the money you can preorder from to get it, but atm i am jobless:(

Hellsvacancy3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Im sure theres atleast 1 kind enough member here in the N4g community that would make an alternative Psn and let me/other people download the beta :-P

If i could i would i live in the Uk man so no Qore and no Gamestop i did when i had a Home beta code i let loadsa people use it untill sum mofo changed the password and kept it 4 himself

WhittO3814d ago

god Quore subscribers get so much stuff !! wish they had it over here in the Uk !

Greek993814d ago

Does anyone know if I have to subscribe to Qore or can I purchase the single episode and get in the Beta?

Venomish3814d ago

u have to subscribe by may 15 I think

Oner3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

@Greek ~ You cannot just buy a single episode for the beta access, you have to buy the yearly subscription. But you get High Velocity Bowling for free along with the U2MP Beta AND from my understanding you should also still be eligible for a free Calling All Cars download as well.

Source ~

"HVB and the UNCHARTED 2 beta invite is for Annual Subscribers only. This is not for single April or May episode purchases. You just need to Subscribe by May 15th"

Some people can say what they "believe" about PS Qore but they don't know what they are missing or the value you get. Since I have been a day 1 yearly subscriber and have received about 5-6 games for free & 3-4 early beta/demo games access PLUS not to mention the Qore episodes themselves with behind the scenes info and such.

Not bad for $25, plus there is a possibility of a discounted price for the re-sub next year (even though I will re-sub @ the full price anyway).

Elimin83814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

What "5/6 Games" are you talking about? please refresh my memory. I also have the annual subscription and have only received 3 games. HVB, CAC and Siphon Filter PS1.

mugoldeneagle033814d ago

I'm sure others have but I can confirm that the Beta Vouchers have been sent, I recieved mine.

And if the recent survey we took (annual subscribers) has anything to do, Sony's going to be implementing more Betas & Exclusive demos to Qore. I remember at least 3-4 of the questions being based on how important we thought they were, and I'm sure most of the surveyee's put a 5 (most imporant) as I did.

On a side note has anyone watched the actual episode on the Euphoria engine? There's one shot towards the end where they are demoing one of the tackles and you can see a PS3 in the background. That would be real sweet if Sony bought it. The demo looked great, although not new. I remember reading about it around a year ago.

Greek993814d ago

Thanks for the replies.
But if i subscribe for Qore before May 15 does my subscription expire on June or until next year 2010?
If thats the case I rather wait until July to subscribe.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3814d ago

Maybe I have to wait until June 3?

Oner3814d ago

@Elimin8 ~ Add Linger in Shadows to that, plus I could have sworn I got Pixel Junk Eden from Qore as well since I sure as hell didn't pay for it, and clearly remember inputting a code to get it...that's 5 right there off the top of my head (isn't it or is PJE not one from Qore?)

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skatezero2463815d ago

Man I cant wait to have both of these games sitting on my shelf

icarus19703814d ago

Just checked my email and I have the voucher, hot diggity dog!!!
Valid 6/3-6/28!!!

ThatCanadianGuy3814d ago

Huh, Can't believe i actually got it.First time Qore didn't screw me over..

TheTruth893814d ago

But you have to wait 3 June for download and play the Beta

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