Windows 7 vs Windows XP on netbooks

Microsoft really needs Windows 7 to be the netbook OS of choice. But how does it work on a netbook? And how does that performance compare with Windows XP?

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TheMART3811d ago

Does it even matter?

I have OSX running on my MSI Wind u100 netbook and its stable. This is the best thing to do:

Laptop (for Office, surfing the net and MSN): OSX
Desktop (for using more software): XP till Windows 7 is tweaked for 1 or 2 years

Sibs3811d ago

*sigh* it looks like more of the same...

At least to get a netbook with Win7 we won't need to have less than 1 gig ram and some other restrictions, so our netbooks won't be in the stranglehold of Microsoft's imposed limitations.

uxo223811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I'm sorry but did this guy obtain a final version of Windows 7 that we don't know about. Sounds pretty critical to be testing with either a beta or RC1.