God of War 2 - Review -

There's no game quite like God of War. The first was a near flawless blend of epic proportions, earth-shattering boss fights, and one of the best combat systems ever introduced to video games. However, God of War also had a couple sections where the controls could have used some tuning, or a level where the game wasn't balanced correctly, and there was controller pitching madness (the Path of Hades immediately comes to mind). II not only corrects these issues, but takes the mold of the first game and elevates it to a completely new plane of awesome.

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IPlayGames4758d ago

This is the best action/adventure game ive played until Heavenly Sword.

Torch4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

Last night, I was playing the God of War I for the first time ever. And to say that I was in complete awe is an understatement.

I'm only about an hour and fifteen minutes into the game, and it just blew my mind. My wife at one point woke up and asked me how I was enjoying the game (not that she interested in the least bit, unfortunately). All I could reply was "probably the best game I've ever played...or at least one of them."

She says, "wow, those are strong words."

But you know what? Strong...but damn accurate! I heard it was awesome, but never in a million years imagined it to be like THIS.

Hands down, it's the best $20 I've ever spent on a game.

I've got GoW2 waiting for me as well...I don't even want to look at the case until I finish the first one (so as not to spoil it.) But given everything I hear about GoW2, and what I've experienced with the first one thus far, I have a really, really, REALLY hard time seeing how the sequel can improve on the first.

Looking forward to finding out, though.

Armyless4758d ago

Beat God of War on Normal, and then play it again on Hard.

Trust me. You're missing the sweet-spot of gameplay they designed the game for. Normal is a dry-run compared to Hard.

kornbeaner4758d ago

but titan mode is something is else. The game is great and the ending is both a disappointment and one of the greatest endings ever in the history of gaming history.

IPlayGames4758d ago

i think that made the game 100x(how much more evading u gotta do) i wanna play the challenge mode before i get slaughtered in titan mode.

TOrchy wait for it but know this GOW2 is wayyyyyy better then the 1st.

AllroundGamer4758d ago

yesterday i finished GOW2 on Titan Mode, i killed the final boss (yeah you know his name :) ) even without dieing once :D I figured out, that on the Titan Mode its like a complete different game, you cant use some combos, cause you will die very quick, you got to use different strategy in fights. If you got a problem with some passage, write me a PM. ;)

KoolMan4758d ago

this game can only get bigger, every chapter leads to a bigger one, but God of war 2 dissapoint me with the powers, and when i saw the deleted levels for GoW2 i got pretty mad and want to know who took them out, I mean atlantis, what a great idea and then deleted from game, man we need the same developers from the first GoW...

DirtyRat4712d ago

I just bought this yesterday, and I have to agree its a masterpiece, and in ever imagined any PS2 game could look this good!

I really hope they port this over to the next gen consoles too at some point, although David Jaffe the creator said he wouldn't do another God of War so I am not sure it would be as good without him involved.

Anyway BUY IT NOW! You wont regret it even if like me you haven't played a hack n slaher for years!