The NPD April 2009 Preview

NPD will release USA sales figures for the four weeks ending May 2, 2009 on May 14, 2009 at 6:30 PM EST. Vgchartz figures for the Americas are already available for the same period of time. The estimates for April NPD figures below for the United States are based on scaling Vgchartz figures for the four week period by a factor of 0.87.

US sales NPD Apr 09 Est:

DS - 1,039,177
Wii - 386,379
X360 - 234,923
PS3 - 145,709
PS2 - 125,097
PSP - 116,438

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odisho683812d ago

does it even matter who sells the most consoles in this recession??? i mean of course the cheapest consoles are gonna sell more than the more expensive consoles...console price dictates sales, not reliability, long-term value, games or capabilities...the only true test would be if all consoles had a 0-50 $ price difference, but you still have to give credit to Nintendo with the Wii and the DS they have truly tapped the potential of the casual gamer market

...PS2 still selling strong...amazing

Lifendz3811d ago

lol. How are they still getting approved?

Strikepackage Bravo3811d ago

or not, it is always about price, and because of this PS3 will always be in third place, because the price will always be higher than 360's.

This is how it is and this is how it was always going to be, anyone who thought other wise is letting their irrational fanboy love cloud their judgment.

FamilyGuy3811d ago

X360 - 234,923

And how many of those were repurchasers who's 360s died and the warranty run out? The world may never know, though a poll/survey could be made on people when they buy new 360s. "Is this purchase a replacement for a 360 that no longer works at home?"

I think, for rrod an e74 at least, that the warranty should be 5 years. 3 seems fair but considering the problem shouldn't exist in the first place...

cherrypie3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

"And how many of those were repurchasers who's 360s died and the warranty run out"

Well. lets think about it.

It is well known that the "30% failure" rate is utter bullshit that started with an unsourced quote from a "gamestop manager" who gave his mere opinion.

A 3rd party hardware warranty firm is the only one to release any data. And they said they had less than 15% failure on the first-year's product.

And, we also know that the hardware underwent *major* revision to stop the desoldering problems in May 2007 (Zephyr so... That means that a great number of machines in the market have actually been sold after those fixes.

So, taken all these things together, the bottom line is this: Almost *ZERO* would be 2nd machines **EXCEPT** in the fantasy-land of the SDF.

Sorry reality has to be so painful to you.

indyman77773811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Microsoft is also in the recession, and they sold MORE than they did last year. They where also cheaper last year, as well as this year. So that is not a excuse.

Also before the recession they where stumping PS3. Always a excuse. The games on the PS3 cost $59 dollars the games on the 360 cost $59 dollars. So since there are 40% more xbox console they should sell 40% more games. Except they seem to sale 300% more games! This is even happens with most multi platform games!

Because the xbox360 version has superior graphics, better textures, better frame rates( usuall twice the amount) and better AI. That is why the number of sales don't just match the difference in console sold.

PS3 still has inferior graphics one game does not change this. I remember the sega saturn had virtual fighter 30-60 fps smooth but it was one game and the PS1 had more games and Laura croft on both systems looked better, AND SOLD BETTER.

The 360 sold more for April of 2009 than April of 2008. But the PS3 sold LESS in 2009 than in 2008. They are both in the same position they where in last year as far as price difference.

Very few people are dumb enough to repurchase a machine that is under warranty. They just send it in and get free shipping, and a freebie. Replacements are not counted as a sale, so don't even try it.

PS3 owners are quick to brag about PS2 outsaling xbox but now the hypocrites are saying do sales really matter? Why do we keep talking about this whhaaaa! First sign of Killzone2 they where talking sales crap (until it only sold A million worldwide).

They are always talking about there will be nothing for 360 owners to buy. But as soon as the facts come in they want to take the high horse. Why are we talking about sales just play whaaa wahhhaaa I want my mommy!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3811d ago

VGC is ballpark figures, which is good enough to get an idea of the numbers. PS3 fans will allways hate VGC because it's never in thier favor, when NPD comes out you will see the hate shift to NPD.

3811d ago
Mini Mario3811d ago

"does it even matter who sells the most consoles in this recession??? i mean of course the cheapest consoles are gonna sell more than the more expensive consoles...console price dictates sales, not reliability, long-term value, games or capabilities.."

Ahh so your saying america has been in recession since the ps3 came out>>?

Thats news to me

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forumcudude3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Its better than Wii! Even better than the first Xbox! It has the biggest Franchises ever!

MGS series,
Silent Hill series,
Gran Turismo series,
Final Fantasy series etc...

So you are not supposed to be suprised!

The PS2 has to be in the Wii' s section on that list!

Omega43812d ago

PS2 outsold the PSP 0.o

themyk3812d ago

it's 99 bucks with thousands of amazing games. oooooooo

BYE3812d ago


true, don't know how someone could possibly disagree with your comment.

themyk3812d ago

obvious troll is obvious troll

cherrypie3811d ago

I'd wager that the % of PS2's sold as replacement to broken consoles is higher than that of Xbox 360.

I've had 3 PS2s, and I have more than one friend who've bought PS2 in the last 2 years to replace a dead unit.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3812d ago

...the ChatBots favourite Game!!! ;-D Oh comment!!! ;-D

TreborRversed3811d ago


The DS pawns all me thinks

Deadman643811d ago

No new news in this article, move along please. We see the same numbers every time this gets reported.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3811d ago

Losing Last Place 3rd it Textstation 3's best game. Hey! check out the video below to see the PS3's latest mind blowing cutting edge chat technology.

dale13812d ago

i think ps2 may take away some steam from the 360 arcade and the wi at its $99 price point,a little bit late i know but its at the recession pricing structure and its software is so cheap.exspect the ps3 to hit $329 come e3 or fall.just a guess on that and the fact that big old jack mentioned a package deal of $419 recently for both systems due this year.

All-33811d ago

Errrr... what about the effect of PS2 sales on PS3 sales?

You musta forgot about that possibility...