It's Blockbuster, InFamous Pre-Release Preview

Gaming Union previews InFamous, "Empire City, cited as a biological threat by the government, has been shut off at all entrance points as a new plague runs rampant among the populous, with an equal onslaught of rape, riots, and theft filling in any other cranny of hope. In Cole's words, it's "civilization committing suicide."

While the premise is bleak, it's when Cole mentions what happened to him during the initial catastrophe that sets up what makes for an amazingly fun glimpse at InFamous."

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mephman3812d ago

I've had a blast playing it so far. xD

Kyll3812d ago

Yeah, now I really have to pre-order it myself, haha.

Selyah3812d ago

I was fairly hyped for this before, even more so now.

Kyll3812d ago

Check out some of the gameplay videos, they're off the chain. Thing about the demo though is that I think it's fairly far into the game, and if it's not, they've at least unlocked a crap load of abilities for people to toy with from the get-go. Just love how these guys think up so many different moves and abilities unique to the game.

mephman3812d ago

I wasn't majorly impressed by the videos, but playing it makes it so much better.

azappyz3812d ago

Ugh and why did I say no when the Ebgames guy asked me if I wanted to pre-order the game.

mephman3812d ago

You still have time to rectify your mistake. :p

Kyll3812d ago

Wonder if people that pre-order now still get the demo or not, hmm.

ShawnCollier3811d ago

The game certainly looks interesting.

Kyll3811d ago

has quite a lot of replayability too.