MCVUK writes: "King of the racing genre Codemasters releases its latest multi-terrain petrol-fuelled romper…

What's the biggest area you've ever driven round? The M25 on the way home? A fully fledged race track on a company 'team building' weekend? Your monied mate's field?"

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DragonWarrior465343816d ago

Wow, now I see what this game is all about. The vast area playground is all a gimmick. Ive seen so many vids of this game and it looks BORING. I dont know why anyone would pick this up unless they are just sick of all the racers out, which wouldn't make sense cause there are so many good racers out this gen.

bullswar3815d ago

See Dragonwarrior this is where u r missing the point ... Free Roam and Racing. Imagine you can cruise in your favorite vehicle with your friends across such vast geographically different areas will be so amazing ... the thrill and sheer excitement which you have never preceived cuz not available in any game atm will be outstanding.

Racing around the same track circuits or in cities gets boring after a while.

I always wanted this kind of game where there is no limitation and cruise around with your 16 buddies in badass customizable vehicles from destinatation A to B.

Thats why this game is for me and Im gonna buy it for sure.

ASSASSYN 36o3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Dragon you got to be the most intimidated person over this FUEL game. What are you mad it will get more attention than motorstorm. Are you mad it is delivering across the 360/pc/ps3 and not a sony exclusive? What is your deal with this particular game? Every article about it or review you are in the comments complaining and crying foul over the graphics (which are awesome) or the gameplay (which is unique). But as bullswar points out you consistently miss the major points. Call foul on those.

Marty83703815d ago

'360 magazine said ‘this could be the 360’s answer to Motorstorm’

Maybe, but PS3 gets both.

Shows ya how jealous Xbots are of the PS3 superior hardware and games.

DragonWarrior465343815d ago

Im not a fanboy, but this game looks lame. Borderlands does the same thing as this game except there are other gameplay elements besides just going through lame environments. Just like Toobin from Noobtoob said. Where are the guns?