Paul Anderson Leaves Castlevania Film?

What power lies in the grasp of the man who brought us such absolute gems of video-game-to-movie adaptations as Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil? If horror movie fansite Dread Central is to be believed, he may just have that one ability that almost all video game fans wish they did: the power to stop a video game movie adaptation of a beloved franchise from being made!

For those who hadn't yet heard the news, Anderson has recently been hard at work on a forthcoming movie version of Castlevania. While Anderson's films haven't been as awful as the work of some certain other video game adaptation directors, this still had most fans more than a little nervous. Dread Central is reporting from "a very reliable source" that Anderson has now left the film, either unhappy with its direction or sick of waiting for the studio to move it to the next step. There is no official confirmation on this yet, but the DC guys seem assured that Anderson has moved onto other, ahem, lucrative franchises.

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