First PS3 RPG Last Rebellion Screenshots Lack Detail

SCRAWL: "NIS America has released the first screenshots of their recently announced Last Rebellion for the PlayStation 3. Shameful to say, the shots of the upcoming Hitmaker-developed RPG lack greatly in detail. However, these could be alpha screenshots or some sort of early build. Or it could be one of those good games with just not so good graphics."

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KKanjiAnkh3811d ago

At least it looks way better, than any SouthPeak game, ever could, if this game delivers under the skin, then count me IN.

vhero3810d ago

Agreed only idiots who know nothing about great RPG's care about graphics in RPG games.

catastrophee3810d ago

as much as i agree with that i still think graphics should at least be on par with current gen stuff... after all the graphics (for me at least) are a big part of immersion

ASSASSYN 36o3810d ago

Yeagh we are all idiots because we don't agree with you. Graphics are a major part of the immersion in RPG's just as much as the gameplay. Most RPG's don't have much to go off of without the flashy graphics and artistic style. Usually the gameplay is mediocre or repetitive. Ex. Mass Effect. Mediocre gameplay, and awesome graphics.

Gue13810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

If graphics weren't important we would be playing PS2 right now... The PS2 clearly has the better games even after 4 years of current gen with X360/PS3/Wii.

Seriously, I have seen better graphics on PS2! In games like Dragon Quest XIII and FFXII.

If this game sells for $60 then I'm not buying this piece of crap even if this is the best jrpg in history. The excuse this gen for the games to be at $60 is that the development is more expensive but this game looks just like an old PS2 games. $30's the most I would pay for it.

First it was Disgaea 3 and now this. Disgaea 3 was obviously a PS2 game ported to PS3...

thewhoopimen3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Clearly why you must've bought a wii wiimaniac ;D

It looks like the game is a cell-shaded title that is still in early development.

SaiyanFury3810d ago

Bah it doesn't look bad to me. The graphics in Demon's Souls aren't crystal clear either, but does it detract from the appeal of the game? Hell no. Just looking at Aisha, I can already appreciate the art in the game. :)

Nike3810d ago

Muramasa: The Demon Blade is in 2D. Yet, still looks great (like Odin's Sphere). Okami wasn't in fully immersive 3D but it's considered one of the most beautiful games ever made. Twilight Princess was panned for it's lackluster graphics - and many people got irate if any publication awarded it less than a 9 out of 10. Pokemon looked, looks and will probably forever look horrible but still sells by the boatloads.

Of course, Final Fantasy X and XII, Crisis Core: FFVII and Kingdom Hearts 2 and Star Ocean: The Last Hope all looked great, and sold great. Some of the most anticipated RPGs are also the most beautiful - White Knight Chronicle, FFXIII, FF Versus XIII.

So...I had a point some where here...Hmmmm...

kaveti66163810d ago

I like it best when a fanboy doesn't really try to hide that he is one. For your information, dipsh*t, this game is supposedly one of PS3s "majestic exclusives" so maybe it should look a lot better than it does. It doesn't have to be gimped for any 360 version. Nice to see you care more about your console than playing games on it.

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OGharryjoysticks3811d ago

Maybe they should have stuck with 2D sprites

BYE3811d ago

Did they announce it as a graphical revolution?

Nope, so nothing to complain about...

Kick The Ass3811d ago

Put your SDF glasses away, and swallow your 'pride'.
Multi-platform movie games have better graphics than that!

They desperately need a new engine.

bpac1234567893811d ago

yeah but graphics add to immersion and this is seriously lacking, infact, it looks plain ugly. Mabye it will play good though, but regardless i'm not buying it with all the other great games coming out this year.

demoneyeslaharl3811d ago

Actually, I agree to the OP. All my NIS RPGs that I have played with my PS2 are no means graphical powerhouses. Heck, some are what my friend calls pretty much 'ugly'... but what those games have is the fun factor and gameplay.

patterson3810d ago

Update: According to a writer on VGChartz, NIS America has told them that the game is in it's alpha stages and they were sort of embarrassed to show the game this early, however they wanted to show something to prove the game's existence.

Sarick3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Your right graphics aren't everything. I recently purchased a 20 year old RPG "Phantasy Star II" and spent time enjoying it. Not saying DEVs shouldn't put any effort in graphics at all but still.

There are many outlets to enjoy RPG games. If graphics are the only shortcoming it's not a total failure. It seems today people are so over spoiled by next gen graphics that they lose sight of the big picture. I agree that having better graphics can make the game more interesting. The problem is music, game play and story also account for that fun factor.

An example is LBP. Despite LBP looking like a toy world it's still fun to play. Killzone II and drakes fortune graphics look great but that doesn't mean EVERY game launched should be on par or better then these games graphically. Honestly if people hold every game to these games standards before purchase they might as well get a new hobby.

Seriously, everything will be underwhelming and a disappointment if if the standards are based around the the best of the best. Not only will nothing be appealing but great games will be ignored. Remember back in the late 80's people had fun with 16 color graphics. If everyone expected killzone quality back then gaming would've never took off.

Before looking at games take off the goggles and see games for full play value and don't be shallow.

After all, graphics aren't everything. ~_~

Godmars2903810d ago

Trinity Universe looks a lot better.

Kick The Ass3810d ago

@3.5 & 3.3
I am very well aware that the graphics ain't everything, and there may just be a gem hidden in behind all that ugliness, but that's no excuse in this case.
We have unwritten standards in this gen, I'm not saying that every game should have Killzone, Gears of War or Uncharted graphics (but it would be absolutely lovely, wouldn't it?), but it should AT LEAST represent visuals that evolved since the last generation, there HAVE to be an leap in visuals.
I am not a visuals whore and in now way shallow, I still love playing HL1 and Crash is still an awesome and entertaining game, but there's certain cases where you just have to put your foot down, and demand more if they want you to buy their game.
It's not like they can't do something about it.
- BTW, not sure you can use LBP as an example, it looks absolutely wonderful.

Figures. Shouldn't the article have mentioned this, instead of just throwing fuel on the fire without bringing safety glasses? ^^

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Fishy Fingers3811d ago

Does look rather bland for this day and age, although if you look at the art work in the gallery that's also rather plain.

Hiruma Youchi3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

the budget is clearly lacking. NIS isnt on par with the likes of Rpg makers such as NamcoXbandai , Square-Enix,Tri-Ace etc etc

ssipmraw3811d ago

i can agree to that, NIS and the other company working on it are very very very small compared to other rpg companies

Lawliet3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

sry? Tri-ace!? SO4!? Last I heard Disgaea3 was on par or perhaps better than SO4. Yes that's right, I'm talking about a game that made of pixels, and the so-called 3D graphical horse.

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