Kotaku : Duke Nukem Forever Screen Shots, Artwork Rise From 3D Realms' Grave

"Now that Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms appears to have become little more than vapor itself, the unreleased fruits of the game's art staff have been posted online, ready to be picked over."

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Timesplitter143838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

- At E3, some other company (Epic games, for example) decides to make a little video homage to 3D Realms
- Video starts, showing scenes from DN games and 3D Realms staff.
- The words : "We wish the 3D Realms team the best of luck" appear on screen
- BAM! Duke Nukem blows off the imaginary wall behind the text and says "What the hell are they talking about?", DN theme song starts playing
- DNF confirmed for Q4 2009, it was all just a hoax
- Gamers across the globe explode

FragMnTagM3838d ago

But damn sure would be welcomed by me. Those screenshots are not bad at all either. Increase the size to 1280 and they look pretty detailed. If that is just concept art, then then game play ought to be pretty decent. They are not the greatest thing in the world for 12 years of development, but at this point, I just want my DNF game in my hands damn it!

DelbertGrady3838d ago

Cliffy B comes on stage dressed as Duke Nukem.

Tarmgar3838d ago

You just made me splooge at that concept.

odisho683838d ago

if anyone were to take over the duke nukem project it would most likely be EA, i doubt epic will invest in that game...anyways I just hope that someone picks it up...this is a cash cow waiting to happen

phosphor1123838d ago

"- Gamers across the globe explode "

Reminded me of the Dave Chapelle KKK episode lmao.

Timesplitter143838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

No I mean the fact that 3D Realms closed was a hoax and they're still making the game

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3838d ago
meetajhu3838d ago

Forever Forever and RIP!

popup3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Being known for being ahead of their time, 3D Realms have obviously struggled to try and keep that title but have been left behind every step of the way as the industry has exploded with production values over the last few years. A real shame. They should have swallowed their pride and made some Marketplace and PSN titles.

I think the screens look great, if a bit generic.

hatchimatchi3838d ago

it looks really detailed but nothing we haven't seen before. 12 years for this? kinda weak imo.

DeadlyFire3838d ago

It wasn't 12 years on one game engine. They switched game engines almost every couple of years. Maybe one to many times is all, but this last time seemed like it was going to be definite. I don't doubt that somehow this game will continue development though.

hatchimatchi3838d ago

i know it wasn't strictly one game engine they were working with, but seriously, the mind set they had was just retarded. Games are constantly coming out and one upping other games in terms of graphics. Trying to constantly stay ahead of everything else in terms of graphics is just plain stupid. It's not like duke nukem is known for it's story. It's full of lame one liners and unwarranted nudity. The series blows, always has, always will. Look at super mario world on the snes, the game crushes any current gen platformer and the graphics are nothing special. The same could probably be said for goldeneye on the n64 with duke nukem forever. We'll never know though and tbh i couldn't care less that it isn't coming out. Hopefully this teaches the egomaniacs behind 3drealms a lesson.

housegroove763838d ago

Im completely disappointed that they took all that time and only came up with that? Myself or anyone who knows the basics of UnrealEd could use the map editor for UT3 and meet or exceed those graphics in a day or less.

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The story is too old to be commented.