GT: Fight Night Round 4 PS3 Walkthrough (Parts 1-3)

Take a tour of the major new features and advances in fighting technology.

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bpac1234567893816d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games of the year. But it better look the same on both the ps3 and 360 I'm tired of being short changed by lazy third party developers.

Mindboggle3816d ago

Well they are showing the PS3 version here and it looks unbelivable...So im guessing its the lead platform and they are probably going to be identical.

But its the PS3 version for me. The PS3 controller is much better suited for fight night as its just feels quicker to use and the analogue sticks are more precise.

xbollox3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

day 1 purchase for me

x-Deep-x3816d ago

Just wow look at the graphics. hyper lol a demo will cool me down

colossi163816d ago

Wow! The character models are amazing! I think these are the graphics I expected from Tekken.

rareairtone3816d ago

I love how everybody is amazed right now as they should have been since about March. Up until this week soooo many people were trying to say that UFC was going to kick this game's ass in every way. The smarter people who claimed this were merely talking about graphics, presentation and fighting controls, because one can't knock fight night for only allowing people to box--it's a damn boxing game. UFC is of course about MMA. However, now people are seeing that this game looks more realistic than UFC (I played that demo. It was fun but i can't imagine myself playing it months and months after release) and the fighting system is more fluid. I do realize UFC does need the buttons to attack because of the different fight styles, but the game can kind of become a button masher. Also, we have to wait for the animation to finish completely in UFC to throw another attack. At least FNR4 the boxer can almost do two things at a time or at least throw your next attack for you quickly after the animation ends. Also, this game lets you FULLY control the freakin clean is that!!

Day one purchase for me too

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