Activision Are Planning A Call of Duty Movie

That's right. It seems that Activision have set up deals for "Call of Duty: The Movie", the movie for the very popular video game.

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taco_tom2374464d ago

how about a guitar hero movie lmfao..........i kid lol

TrevorPhillips4464d ago

call of duty movie, we have enough war movies already such as:

Saving private ryan
Behind Enemy Lines
Pearl Harbour

and other war movies and there all similier

Jackel20724464d ago


i could not agree more. you took the words right out of my mouth.

evrfighter4464d ago

call of duty movie in essence would just be another war movie.

Random_Gumby4464d ago

not only that but there is no chance this will have the quality of the above. Though this would fit more in the dirty dirt bin i bet :|

donator4464d ago

I don't know about you guys, but I think having another Black Hawk Down caliber war movie would be awesome.

badz1494464d ago

CoD movie will likely just mimic the scenario in the game but who'll be the weightless, emotionless, speechless main character? even if they try hard, it will be just another war movie! it's better a game thus it being popular but being a movie? I don't think so!

Tomdc4464d ago

cod4 stories have no real substance, a movie would be crap

prunchess4464d ago

Has any of the COD series of games ever had a decent story to them?

This would be a mega flop.

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qface644464d ago

like i said in the other one a call of duty would be a waste
i mean why there would be nothing special about it

TheHater4464d ago

Last time I check a series need to have a story in order for it to be a movie. Gears of War may not have a good story but the universes will probable make for a good action movie. God of War has a great story, but I am not sure that it can be fit into a 2 hour movie. Maybe something like a Lord of the Ring trilogy for God of War the movie.
Call of Duty don't have any story or a compelling universe to begin with. What the hell is the movie going to be about, World War 2? We already have a lot of WW2 movies and 90% of them are crap.

News4fanboys4464d ago

How about a movie based on the game black hawk down?

IaMs124464d ago

plz tell me i caught some sarcasm/joking in that lol

News4fanboys4464d ago

yeah i forgot the sacrasm sign it seems eh lol..
i forget you have to put that in order for some peeps to understand ... oh well.

evrfighter4464d ago

oh em gee I can't believe you forgot the sarcasm tag. are you trying to make people here at n4g think?

what's wrong with you?

IaMs124463d ago

So i guess i should add it in there too then huh....

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The story is too old to be commented.