Solid Snake - Now in Pint Size

PlayStationLifeStyle writes: "We aren't ones to post simple "toys" on the site, but this is Metal Gear Solid we are talking about here. Highly considered one of the best series in videogame history. With that success Medicom decided to release several figurines from the entire series. Out of this collection you have the choice between Old Snake, Naked Snake, The Boss, Vamp, and Raiden. Screenshots follow"

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Superduper093810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Nice Action figures!.

BigPete79783810d ago

Definitely. I'm not one to even like action figures, but these look amazing.

themyk3810d ago

who doesn't like action figures? anyways these look awesome. i love old snake crouched there with his cigarette.

40cal3809d ago

looks off/ funny to me, the rest of those are awesome. I might pick these up come Sept.

DoucheVader3810d ago

Die Snake!

LOL these look sweet. Raiden a lil funny looking.

3810d ago Replies(2)
theEnemy3810d ago

the Beauty and the Beasts Corp!

themyk3810d ago

hell yeah, with removable armor.

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The story is too old to be commented.