Open Remote Play v1.0 BETA-MAC Released (Control your PS3 via iPhone/PC/Laptop/PDA)

The hacker named "Dashhacker" promised one week ago that he would release a tool to control your PS3 through the PC, laptop, or iPhone, and he has promised and delivered. We can now use his Open Remote Play program to browse our PS3 via almost any device. Currently requires a Mac and PSP (Windows version next week).

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Ldubbz4155d ago

Very cool. And the Mac version first? Icing on the cake baby....

Microsoft Xbox 3604155d ago

Amazing. I'm gonna boot my Mac right now.

forumcudude4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

I dont understand why is this amazing! Whats the point of if we cant Remote Play MGS4 in PC or Mac right away? Or can we?

anh_duong4154d ago

i suppose we can access our whole music, video and blu-ray disc remotely. we can also use playtv remotely to watch recorded movies or time new recordings. we can play some psn games and ps1 games.

not sure if i use it but nice to have.

vicheous4155d ago

I can already use my phone to control my PS3!
Dam i love my Sony Ericsson Experia X1i
Flashed and modded to the teeth...

Can even use it to look up my trophy cards live with a "Xperia PSN Panel"

Would be cool to get this app for Windows mobile to! So i can test it with the Xperia! Or i'll flash it(the Experia) to a Iphone just to test it!

Menchi4154d ago

I don't get the point? If you need a PSP to enable it then why not just do it over your PSP?

Everything you can do via this way, can be done via the PSP, and I'm sure it's probably more stable via the PSP too...

Just seems like a waste of time

Microsoft Xbox 3604154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Please don't say its a waste of time. Some people like me take advantage of the Remote Play very much. Now that it seems to work with the PC instead of a PSP, this is great news to me.

-I can play High Stakes Poker (PSN game) and other selected RP enabled games. High Stakes Poker is one of my favorite games on PSN.
-I can see who's in my room/living room with my PS Eye attached to my PS3 by entering the chat room
-I can participate in a chat with my friends who are on their PS3
-I can stream pictures, music, and videos FROM my PS3
-I can play PS1 games (not that I care though)
-I can check massages

All this accessible on a PC/Mac and more devices to come.

I find those features very useful. You continue hating, while I'll be enjoying this app.

Menchi4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

According to the article, you need a PSP to enable this feature for use by PC/Mac or what have you anyway, so really, I just don't understand why you wouldn't just use your PSP.

Everything you listed is possible with the same PSP you'd -have- to use to enable this anyway.

It just seems like a way to avoid using the PSP to do it, when it seems the PSP would be the better choice to use it anyway.

Also, I'm not hating. I own a PS3 and PSP. I use Remote Play a lot. It's exactly why I can't understand why someone would use a PC over -their- PSP to remote play.

If it could be enabled -without- a PSP, then I'd see the merit in it, but as it stands, it's more of a gimmick than anything.

anh_duong4154d ago

U can borrow a psp if you don t have one

uie4rhig4154d ago

it's always cool to be able to do more.. now you can use ur pc while someone else plays a psp game... i mean why not? every feature is a plus, whether you use it or not..

Microsoft Xbox 3604154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Okay let me rephrase this. What if I don't like the small screen PSP as my Remote Play device? Better? Is it hard to grasp the idea of using this app as an alternative instead of bringing a PSP around with me. Lets say for example, I'm at work in front of my computer, I could easily connect to my PS3 and do as mentioned from any computer.

And like anh_duong said, this would a great app for those who has access to a PSP to complete the initial setup.

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