PlayStation Home Chamber Apartment New Screenshots

There are new screenshots released of the new PlayStation Home Chamber Apartment, wich can be downloaded for free in de week from 14th to 21th May.

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nbsmatambo3503d ago

this kinda reminds me of a Harry Potter game i once played..

bpac1234567893502d ago

home is a lot different from when i first entered it. They've added a ton of content and 90% of it is free. I really like the work that went into the godfather and guitar hero spaces. And if you think about it home is a genius method for Sony to advertise it's content. You get to walk through virtual spaces of all the top games. Also, I can't wait for that E3 space, would be cool if we could walk through a virtual rendition of sony's booth and play all the upcoming games.

George Sears3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Who really wastes there time on there apartment really? Last time I used the apartment room was when I first entered Home. Really no use for it.

IrishRepublicanArmy3503d ago

i have lots of mates who i like to chat with in my apartment.

George Sears3503d ago

Well you are an exception I guess.

gambare3503d ago

well.. I must be another exception too, and my PSN buddies another exceptions too. maybe you don't have many PSN friends.

Max Power3503d ago

the Home closed beta, and that was the only time I focused on my apartment. Once the open beta began and half of my furniture disappeared, I never really cared much to replace what went missing. But I am sure there are a lot of people who are into the home scene, once the trophies start playing a role, then I will be more interested in it.

FlameBaitGod3503d ago

yah a lot of people r always inviting friends to their place

Redempteur3502d ago

-when i want to be alone ( doesn't happen that much )
-when i chat (written or vocal ) with my friends.
-when i met some friends before planning an event ON PSN ( easier to regroup in a private space than to wait in a classic lobby room on some game ... )

it's like a club room without the board to write something ( for me )

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themyk3503d ago

screw home. until they put voice chat back in. maybe it's back now i don't know. but until i hear it's back. theres no way i'm waisting my time trying to type to people it's retarded. if they didn't want voice they should never have givin it to us in the first place. i don't know what sony is trying to do with all this text chat sh1t but it sux. i love sony consoles and i love sony games. but sometimes they baffle me with their decisions. lets make a world where people can come together and interact but lets make them text chat. makes sense, not. but hey if you guys like it thats all that matters i guess. have fun.

LeShin3502d ago

....because I was chatting to some friends on my PSN list in my apartment 2 nights ago using my headset.

You can voice hat to your friends in you apartment and you can make a 'phonecall' to anyone of your friends no matter where they are in Home. They just took out voice chat in public areas and looking at some crap people say via text, I'm glad I can't hear random people blazing their crap music through the headset and generally just being a$$holes!

In addition, I'm in the European server where there are loads of people from other countries in one place at one time. Seeing text chat pop up in dozens of different languages is confusing enough let alone if I had to hear it.

DelbertGrady3503d ago

What does it do? Just curious.

II Necroplasm II3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I don't know. I won't know either for sometime , I never go in home on my PS3.

DelbertGrady3503d ago

Why would you want to boot up an application just to write to your friends when you can voice-chat with them from the dashboard? Assuming you can do that on the PS3.

II Necroplasm II3503d ago

I don't know lol.

To me home feels like a Multiplayer Sims game....... and that is not my thing.

themyk3502d ago

home has the potential to be very awesome. but without voice chat it's completely useless to me anyways.

Redempteur3502d ago

Another FREE event for a space in HOME .

Just another part of an online community

Oh yeah you can voice chat from the XMb ( up to 6 )

yeah you can text chat in 3 rooms up to 16 people if i'm not mistaken

Or you can discuss in a virtual reality ( home ) to add graphics to the experience

PirateThom3502d ago

Why do people still think Home is just for chatting?

There's the Xi game, which makes booting into it once a week a necessity.

Redempteur3502d ago

For me because of Xi i log into home every OPEN day of the week.
i Enjoyed the last twists with VELICORP coming and messing things up

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THC CELL3503d ago

looks like warlock from halo haha lol

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