Viewers upset over 'offensive' Wii ad

There are complaints over disturbing violence in Wii TV commercial thrown out by ASA.

A Wii television commercial has been brought to the attention of the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) after receiving several complaints from viewers that found the "depiction of violence in the ad offensive and disturbing".

The advertisement highlights the unique motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote by showing players of varying ages swinging the Remote like a sword to make an on-screen character kill enemies with a sword. Other scenes showed the player using the Remote like a gun.

The ASA received 17 complaints from viewers who found the images disturbing, particularly of one of a player slashing the Wii Remote which cuts to an in-game man falling to the floor clutching his head.

One viewer said the scenes were reminiscent of hostage videos released by terrorists in Iraq, although the ASA ruled that "viewers were unlikely to link the ad to recent events in Iraq."

Others said the advertisements should not be show later, when children won't be watching.

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r10004311d ago

I HATE people who complain about $H1T like this.... people like that expect everyone but themselves to raise their kids...

Black Republican4311d ago

games like GOW and RFOM commercials will have to be in BARNEY environemnts, and instead of guns they will have a flower that shoots out a rainbow of colors.

this is stupid...

Merovee4311d ago

Idiots are offended by anything involving videogames.

highps34311d ago

Cant wait until that thing plumets to its death, should be funny.

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