Real-time commentary for FIFA

Football games are bigger than ever before, raking n millions for the likes of EA and Konami. But what does 'next-gen' really mean for football games? Well, less repetitive commentary for a start...

Speaking to CVG recently about the future of football games and their move to next-gen systems, Andrew Wilson, executive producer of football, EA explained, "We ran out of space on the disc with current gen. Last year's FIFA had 26 leagues, 15 thousand players, kits, players, stadiums, audio and music, you just run out of space. The next gen discs have got more space so in the short term we will have much more commentary on our games."

Wilson believes that the online sides of PS3 and 360 are where developers can really take football to a new level. "Looking long term, these consoles are now online. And I would love to think that we can start to pump dynamic commentary into the game on a weekly basis so you never hear the same thing twice..."

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kingboy4748d ago

I always switch commentary to some foreign language that i don`t understand simply because i get sick of listening repeated words every now and then

Torch4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

That sounds nice to me...perhaps with a variation of different high-profile commentators every now and again?...granted, this will cost money.

Kingboy: I never tried it, but did you happen to try the Spanish commentary? Are they anything like the real-life South American counterparts, who's announcement of each and every goal sounds like a huge, exciting, three-minute-long orgasm?:

"Goooooooooal!!!!! Gol! gol! gol! gol!...Gooooooooalllll!!!!!... .Luis Fernadez Vansuela Ricardo Cardinallllllllll!!!!!! Goooooooallll!!!!!"


Hey, factor just that into the game, and It'll be enough to keep me amused!

LSDARBY4748d ago

360 doesnt have any more disc space that xbox1 so does this mean that ps3 versions will get more content

Chagy4748d ago

what he ment was that now a days they can compress data alot more then back then

or maybe he is just hintin a ps3 only exclusive cuz the advantage of bluray lol

Torch4748d ago

is that the updates could be made available online and equally available to both systems, therefore rendering 360's inferior optical storage medium relatively least in this case.

nix4748d ago

yup!! would love that!!