IGN: Halo Wars: Strategic Options Details

Halo Wars surprised a lot of skeptics when it was met with generally positive reviews and then flew off of store shelves en route to selling over 1 million copies. Since its launch, Halo Wars has garnered a stable and sizable online community that meets up on Xbox Live daily to test the latest tactics on this real-time strategy game. Though the group that made Halo Wars, Ensemble Studios, was shut down by Microsoft, members of that team have since formed Robot Entertainment.

This new studio will support Halo Wars with balancing patches and game add-ons. The first, titled Strategic Options, will add several new multiplayer modes and will release on Xbox Live soon. Robot Entertainment's Dave Pottinger, a producer on Halo Wars, recently opened up to IGN with details on that add-on, possible upcoming expansions, and the future of Robot.

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JokesOnYou4356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

"Right now, our focus is on the community. Bungie has done such a great job building excellent community relations in as part of the Halo "experience." We're trying to live up to that and make sure that our labor of love gets the TLC it deserves. As far as single player content goes, we simply get more requests right now for multiplayer/skirmish things. While the new modes are fully playable in solo skirmish mode, most folks who want additional solo content are talking about a Covenant campaign. That's a huge undertaking. It's not on our radar right now, but who knows? If the game continues to sell the way it has been, I'm sure it will get discussed again." -Dave Pottinger

-HW's was a huge surprise, the demo really sold me. I'm glad Robot Entertainment will continue to support it... hopefully this means Halo Wars2 will expand on more of the great stories within the Halo Universe and give us that much anticipated Covenant campaign too.

"Games-wise, we've got a lot in our hoppers. Obviously, we're supporting Halo Wars and the Age of Empires franchise. Beyond that, we're working on one main project. Can't disclose that yet. We are starting to incubate some other ideas, too. Definitely can't disclose those ideas yet. Keep an eye on our Web site ( We'll be putting something out there soon." -Dave Pottinger

-I can't wait to see what their next project will be.