GTA IV: The final countdown...

Penetrating the detail net thrown over Rockstar's next-gen debut has been tougher than a granite bicep on a disgruntled Russian bear wrestler. But as of 10.00pm GMT tonight, the shroud is lifted and the first trailer of GTA IV airs online. What will we see? Speculation is rife, but with the marketing bandwagon a game of this magnitude will no doubt roll out, October will soon arrive for those charged with promoting this franchise once again...

And that will suit the eager fans of the series just fine!

However, this may also signify that the first glimpse of GTA IV is set to be more revealing than your usual teaser release. Previous titles under the GTA moniker have also followed a similar path, so hopefully you won't find yourself at 5 past 10 asking "Is that it?"

But what do you think? Will you see in-game action? Where will it be set? When will it be set?

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T-Virus4753d ago

The article says 10pm, that is wrong. It's 11pm really.

techie4753d ago

Damn it! I know it's stupid to think it would work...but changing the clock on your computer makes it count down to zero! But then it just loads for a bit and then says it can't retrieve the file. grrrrrr

Anego Montoya FTMFW4753d ago

I just hope it`s some gameplay.
i don`t wanta see a cut scene.
I know it`s gonna look nice.

Show Me some gameplay.
and give me some details.

techie4753d ago

The trailer is going to be lengthy and show everythin you want to see.

Also their poster said "expect things to be different" or some such

Ru4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

My exspectations of this game are low... Hopefully I will be suprized!
I mean Crackdown and San Andreas[similar games/next gen] were good, but I really need to see better! No matter what the GTA series is a Fantastic one and ill be buying the new one! No matter what!

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The story is too old to be commented.