Retailers praise "biggest-ever" PS3 launch

But they also warn that offloading stock quickly could harm long-term sales.

Now the dust has settled on the PlayStation 3 launch, UK retailers are beginning to report on what they've seen as the "biggest-ever" launch for a home console.

Retailers are expecting to continue selling the luxury console over the busy Easter sales period, but some have warned that reducing prices to lower stock levels could harm long-term sales.

"Given the relatively plentiful supply, it's fair to say this was our biggest-ever console launch in unit and value terms," HMV's head of games Tim Ellis told

"We still have some consoles in stock around the chain, as we were able to order plenty, but we expect these to sell these through over the coming days and weeks, especially as new games titles are released," he said.

"It's been a remarkable week for us here at GAME following the successful launch of the PlayStation 3," revealed Anna Macario, marketing director at GAME.

"We have seen huge demand and seen fantastic sales throughout our 400 stores around the country."

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Creepa at GameManx4316d ago

Retailers profits are prbly high as hell

Violater4316d ago

The more they sell the more they make obviously, they don't care about which console had shortages at their launch.
The big question is will it be sustained, with no AAA first party titles to be seen for a while and 3rd party lagging far behind.

Premonition4316d ago

Heavenly sword should do great over there along with other summer titles :)

Black Republican4316d ago

this is a GREAT LAUNCH

good for ps3, although it was released later in Europe.

what if it was released at the same time as u.s. etc.
maybe their would have been shortages and ppl woulndt have got their ps3 when they wanted

very well planned from sony, I know ppl might have been very angry to wait longer but at least you didnt have to face shortages and more then likely you will get your console.

Maddens Raiders4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

I just hope that this continues, because a strong SNE is good for all gamers. It keeps the comp on their feet and keeps kick a$$ games coming down the chute for all of us. The affect is reciprocal and universal. Good job guys. Not to mention, MGS4, Heavenly Sword, Lair, KILLZONE II, HOME and LBP will keep these things flying off shelves for the foreseeable future.

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