Maybe It's Time to Think 'Terabyte'

You've heard of the HD-DVD standard with 30GB and Blu-Ray and with 50GB of storage. Some people, apparently, think that's not going to be enough. Information has already surfaced regarding the Mempile TeraDisc with a capacity of 1 TB (Terabyte). It looks as though the first wave of discs should range from 500-600GB (per disc), with the ultimate goal of having 5 TB per disc. For the love of God, that's 5000 GBs, who the hell needs that much?

These new discs are naturally typical DVD size and use an optical technology, which is compatible with the existing DVD infrastructure. The medium should will work with drives that are fully backwards compatible with DVD and HD-DVD, and probably Blu-Ray.

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OldSchoolGamer4752d ago

Lol you both about to get betamax'ed. This and Digital downloading just became king.

Keyser4752d ago

The technology isn't even supposed to hit the market till 2010. The players for these will be...just a bit expensive. (sarcasm) Blu-ray technology existed in 2004 but didn't hit the market till...well you already know and it still hasn't caught on to the point of over throwing dvd.

When this catches on it probably will be incorporated in our Xbox 720's and our PS4 as they push to be next-gen. Just a guess based on how everything else has rolled out...

r10004752d ago


This will not matter when it comes to movie/games.... I doubt this will affect the normal consumer... this may be useful for big corporations, and the private and government sector....

God of Gaming4752d ago

At one time (1980s) people were saying 100 MB Hard Drives!! Who needs that much space! Tech Evolves.. one day you will be saying ONLY ONE TERABYTE.. thats so small.

power0919994752d ago

I cannot agree with you more.

I used to sell computers when I was in High School. It is sad to say but there was even a point in time where we didn't need 100MB. That was "more space than we would ever need".

We are finding new ways to utilize this "space" so it's natural that we require more and more.

1TB sounds like a lot right now (and it is). But I GUARANTEE that in about 5 - 10 years we will be saying man we will never use a Gigaflop (or whatever the next step in storage terminology will be).

God of Gaming4752d ago

The Glory days of one format taking over the industry are gone. Nothing will be as big as VHS, CD or DVDs ever again as far as actual Media. They will keep 1up ing eachother. I think digital downloading will be the only thing that has a chance at dominating in the future.

techie4752d ago

These Holographic discs have been in production for over 5 years. They are however very hard to produce (this will change), expensive...and the killer is that the laser they need to read them is very hard to make for a consumer price. This will all change of course...but maybe in a couple of years.

gta_cb4752d ago

ya never know maybe Sony AND MS will use these discs with there next consoles they make :P

but serisouly thats HUGE! i have a 200GB HDD and another 250GB HDD, i have already filled up about 200GB but that has taken me a long time... and yet i could fit everything onto 1 of these discs and yet it would be only half full... or in other cases less! :-O

bootsielon4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

Digital distribution is bottlenecked by peoples will to do it, by broadband penetration, but especially, broadband speed.

Then there's not much commercial support for this format. Besides, is it not very expensive compared to Blu-ray and HD-DVD? No? Didn't think so.

Besides, Colossal Storate already announced 1.1 Petabyte discs to be commercially available by 2009, so these discs will get squeezed by blu-ray and colossal discs.

ben hates you4752d ago

when will we be using a yottabyte of storage for everything {oneseptillionbytes}

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