Team Fortress 2 could support Vista vs. 360 play

Valve says there is no technical reason why Team Fortress 2 players on the PC running Windows Vista couldn't play with and against Team Fortress 2 players on the Xbox 360.

"We'd love to, technically from our side, there's no reason why we can't," Robin Walker, designer and engineer at Valve, told GameInformer.

"[I]t really comes down to knowing Microsoft has announced that Shadowrun is going to do that, but they haven't let anyone outside of Microsoft, I mean we don't have an API or anything."

Asked whether fan-made modifications for the PC version could conceivably appear on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 as downloadable content, Walker said, "From our perspective, we'd like to do it all.

"We'd love to have the Xbox and PC play together, and technically, from our side, there's no technical reason why you can't - the engine is the same, the network they use is the same."

"It really comes down to negotiations with Microsoft," he added.

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highps34756d ago

Then whats the point. Cool if they leave kb&m alone and let us hand it to controller geeks like it should be but if you are just going to nerf KB&M whats the point...

Cross Platform would be more interesting between Ps3 and 360... Between PC its just pointless.

Leave controls alone and PC gamers would own the 360 so bad that people wouldnt even play it... Thats the truth.