Mythic-Electronic Arts Interview

Last week Electronic Arts took a big step in re-entering the genre they helped to create by purchasing Mythic Entertainment, the MMORPG developer of Dark Age of Camelot and the upcoming Warhammer Online. To get some more info about this development and what it means for both companies, FiringSquad got a chance to chat with Mythic co-founder Mark Jacobs about the new deal with EA.

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Dark Age of Camelot is Getting a Free to Play Option

A new account type will effectively usher in a Dark Age of Camelot free to play option that is in the works and planned to release next year.

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Tapani2306d ago

First ever MMO I played. Was a magical experience. Better than WoW in many ways.


Dark Age of Camelot Producer's Letter Discusses Cash Shop Plans

A variety of new items purchasable with a Mithril currency is coming in late Spring according to the newest Dark Age of Camelot producer's letter.

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10 MMOs That Died And Left Us Feeling Empty

Let nostalgia take you back to the lands you once roamed until they were cruelly taken offline and away from us. MMOGames list the top 10 MMOs that died and left us with a hole in our hearts.

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Casepbx2845d ago

I still miss City of Heroes.

2845d ago
PurpHerbison2845d ago

I agree when it comes to The Sims Online. That game was really fun and nothing has even come close to it. I still crave a new Sims with online multiplayer. Blows my mind they haven't done anything like that since The Sims Online or even The Sims Bustin' Out on PS2.