Stormregion: Still plenty of life left in DX9

Microsoft may be trumpeting the dawn of DirectX 10 and it's incredible impact on the PC gaming experience, but not every developer is ready join the jamboree and adopt the new version of the API just yet.

In fact, according the Codename Panzers dev Stormregion, there's actually still plenty to explore in DirectX 9.

"We think that there are still several untapped opportunities in the previous versions of API so we are focusing on DirectX9 currently", Stormregion's lead designer László Peller told us in an interview on Codename Panzers: Cold War, which will be published soon.

Peller added that the developer "we will be looking at it more closely" and evaluating use of DirectX 10 in its games "when DirectX10 compatible hardware has penetrated the market more so than now... for now, the market is too small".

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