Forget Radio, New Songs Debuted On Madden

Musicians spend countless hours practicing and writing lyrics, only to end up debuting their material on Madden 2007. In-game rock music is not new, but in-game music debuts is. Rocker Dave Navarro and his band The Panic Channel, along with British hip hop artist Dynamite MC and faux grunge supergroup Audioslave are just few of the folks lending fresh tunes to the new Madden game. Sure, it's a big game and all, but debuting music in Madden sorta ain't cool-especially for dudes that used bonk Carmen Electra and be in Rage Against The Machine. Or maybe it's so not cool that it actually becomes cool. Hit the jump for a full rundown of all the musicians and see how many you know. Brian Ashcraft

Schmitty076182d ago

I've heard of Taking Back Sunday, Audioslave. Thank God for custom soundtracks!

Mighty Boom6182d ago

They really screwed the rappers this year.

NitrogenB6181d ago

Leave the hip-hop and rap for NBA live....I don't want to be smashing the crap out of a quarterback listening to rap, I want some screaming out of the guts, somethin that will get you hype....

DC RID3R6181d ago

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